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March 23, 2004

This recent article about the filming of Harry Potter briefly mentions Alan:

Posted by CHEESER
Source: Godric's Hollow

Jim Tavaréopens in new window, the actor who landed a bit part in Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban as Tom the innkeeper, spoke with Godric's Hollowopens in new window about his experience on the film:

I did the usual search on Google and one site (I forget which) had a description of every single character in all the books to date. Tom was described as a "wizened toothless walnut." I thought, "That's cool. At least he's not a muggle."

My scenes were with Daniel Radcliffe and Robert Hardy (Cornelius Fudge). I took my son Louis to visit the set and met Alan Rickman (Severus Snape) in the canteen carrying a tray with his lunch. He said hello and signed an autograph for him. Daniel, Rupert and Emma all signed Louis' Harry Potter lunch box he takes to school. I also met Paul Whitehouse (Sir Cadogan) who is a very successful comedian in the UK. I was also briefly in a scene with Julie Walters who seemed very nice.

Tavaré is also running in a marathon to support dyslexiaopens in new window, and you can sponsor him for a small donation. The event is April 14, 2004.

March 22, 2004

Alan is reported to be starring in an upcoming film directed by Mark Brozel (his debut), along with Jason Isaacs, entitled "Manchester United Ruined My Life."  It's the adaptation of a Colin Shindler novel about a Jewish boy in the 50s and 60s in Machester, growing up under the shadow of the mighty Manchester United football team.  Filming is expected to start this spring or summer.

Also, Alan was in Argentina on March 17th for the film festival Mar del Plata.  He is presently in Patagonia and will be going to Buenos Aries.  Thanks to Laura for the photos and info!  Here's the new pics from that event:

There was also an interview with Alan from Argentina published on Fausta's website, The Rickmanista Review
Thanks to Fausta for translating to English and allowing me to publish it here:

“I spend my life acting”: The actor from Die Hard and Sense and Sensibility came to give a Master Class and received an award. 
by Diego Lerer

In tourist mode, Alan Rickman isn’t too enthusiastic for facing the press: he was given an award and gave a Master Class, but they didn’t show any of his films. If they had, what would he choose? Die Hard, his first film, which made him famous for his role as a villain? The outstanding Sense and Sensibility? Or his mysterious professor Snipe (sic) in the Harry Potter saga?
  In his calm and slightly sinister tone that we’ve seen so often in his characters, the 58-year old London-born actor, says that he “didn’t know what to expect from Argentina, or from Mar del Plata. After I leave here I’ll get to know well Buenos Aires, and I think the North and South of the country”.  One of Rickman’s nice idiosyncrasies is that he has a very early breakfast in the Sala of the Auditórium, ready to watch movies from 9AM. “I love film festivals”, he says, “I've been to all the major ones and always have a great time. It’s the filmgoer’s ideal place. And I love watching movies. I love to watch movies from countries that I normally wouldn’t see in London.”  The proof is that he had to finish the interview early since he was late for a screening of The Blue Light, a film by Japanese theater and film director Yukio Ninagawa, who directed him on stage.
Rickman, who still lives in his native London  (“I’m in many places, depending on filming, but that’s where I keep my underwear”), isn’t here just as an actor, but also as director, of only one film, The Winter Guest, with Emma Thompson.
Would you want to direct again?
Making movies is very difficult. On one hand, you have the issue of finance. On the other hand, if you’re also an actor, you have to leave aside everything for two years of your life. When directing, you’re responsible for beginning to end. I’m not one that, like other directors, has a lot of projects. Right now I have two things in mind. We’ll see . . .
Your last films, Love Actually and Harry Potter, are great international hits, but you could do them in London. Do you like working there?
Yes, I do, but I’ve also spent a long time in New York with a stage play (Private Lives) that did very well.
Nowadays a lot of English films, like Love Actually, have too much of a Hollywood style. Does that bother you?
In Love Actually everybody made a small film. I never had the total experience until I watch the completed movie. The part I played with Emma was so English that we never noticed anything. I feel that it has to do with Richard Curtis’s personal experience, wrapped in something universal.
That was Curtis’s first film.  Was it easy to film?
Very smooth. Emma and I have worked together many times.  I directed her, so I felt very comfortable.  We spent a lot of time exploring the dangerous comfort that can exist between a man and his wife, into which a third person can intrude.
Do you prefer big movies or small movies?
I like both.  In big films you can find nooks in which you can place eccentricities, which is what people remember.  Something human . . .
Does it bother you, that, more than 15 years later, people still remember you from Die Hard, your first film?

Some prefer Sense and Sensibility.  Now I’ve come across a lot of Galaxy Quest fans (released on video in Argentina).  But no, it doesn’t bother me.  It’s a movie they play all the time on TV.  I had never made a film before.  It was a strong beginning.
They cast you, being an unknown?
They saw me on stage and they liked me.  Besides, I came cheap.

For youngsters, Rickman is Harry Potter’s Professor Snipe (sic), the teacher that’s never as evil as he appears.  But he doesn’t want to talk about it.

What can you tell us about the new Harry Potters?
I don’t talk about Harry Potter.
Does your contract forbid it?
No, because I don’t want to play with something that has to do with children’s innocence.
But you’re in the third one?
Have they started on the fourth one?
They have.  I haven’t.
Will you be in it?
Eventually . . .

March 17, 2004
To check out a funny little video of Snape dancing, click here :


Also, to read an interesting account of a Harry Potter fan's personal meeting with Alan Rickman, click here:


March 8, 2004
Alan will star in an upcoming HBO movie on May 30 at 8:00 p.m. (Sunday) entitled, "Something the Lord Made."  Here is a photo of Alan, playing the surgeon:

Jan. 9, 2004
Happy New Year to everyone...  On a personal note:  I apologize for not updating recently, but I have a good excuse-- I got married in December to a wonderful man named Keith!  We are planning a belated honeymoon later this year to England.  Now down to business--  here's the latest news about Alan from Baltimore, Maryland (taken from sunspot.com, thanks to Vicki!)

Alan Rickman sees the sights
Hot Stuff

By Sloane Brown
Special To The Sun
Originally published January 8, 2004

Was that Professor Snape dining at Kali's Court recently? Sans the black wig and cape he dons in the Harry Potter films, Alan Rickman looked positively Brit-cool in black leather. Ladies, think an updated version of Rickman's Colonel Brandon in 1995's Sense and Sensibility. Or his evil Hans Gruber (keep the sexy, lose the sinister) from 1988's Die Hard.

Rickman is in town filming an HBO flick. But he's going neither sexy nor sinister this time around. In Something the Lord Made, Rickman plays the late Johns Hopkins cardiologist Alfred Blalock, who with his research assistant Vivien Thomas (portrayed by Mos Def) figured out a way to save oxygen-deprived newborns.

Meanwhile, Rickman is charmed by Charm City - particularly the American Visionary Art Museum. He told Kali's co-owner Karen Patten that AVAM is one of the best museums he's ever seen.

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