AR on the Jimmy Kimmel show (Nov 2003) - NEW!!  Thanks to Kim!
AR reading Shakespeare,"When Love Speaks"
AR on Conan O'Brien Show (Dec. 1999).  Thanks to Suzanne!
AR reading war poems (RealPlayer)
AR singing "Intelligence" from Help, I'm a Fish
AR dancing the tango -"In Demand" Texas video 
  Click here to view screen caps from the video!
AR the director on "The View" (The Winter Guest). Thanks to Suzanne!
"Mr. Potter, our new celebrity"- AR as Prof. Snape
AR & JS song duet from Truly, Madly, Deeply. Thanks to Suzanne!
AR accepting award for Best Actor--(Variety Club). Thanks to Suzy!
AR Tony nominee brunch interview
Tony Awards 2002 with clip from "Private Lives" - NEW!
AR in "Painting With Light" for TCM  Thanks to Suzanne!
Alan the Comedian -- hosting a Tribute to Bruce Willis- NEW!
  Thanks to Claudia, GA!
Clips from Les Liaisons Dangereuses - NEW AND RARE!
      (BBC Interview with Christopher Hampton)  Thanks to Claudia, GA!

Thanks to Kara for the following pics:


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