My Eastern Skyscraper Quest








I was honored to receive the Skidmore Owings and Merrill (SOM) Traveling Fellowship in Structural Engineering in 2000. The annual fellowship pays the expenses of a young architect or engineer to travel anywhere in the world to study any structures they wish. I used this opportunity to travel to the Far East to study some of the world’s tallest buildings. My two-week trip in late May 2002, took me to four different locations: Kuala Lumpur, Hong Kong, Shanghai and Tokyo.


It was an amazing experience. I have assembled over 5 volumes of photos from my travels. As a condition on my award, I was to prepare for the foundation a written and visual account of my travels describing the major structures I visited while abroad.  The PDFs for these visual and written records are provided below and are but a glimpse of my amazing travels, as there were countless other buildings that were not included in this final report.


Written Record                     Visual Record



I again wish to publicly thank the SOM Foundation for this great opportunity. I am eternally grateful to the owners and management of each of the buildings for making my visits not only possible, but so rewarding. Special thanks goes also to Colin Wade and his colleagues at Ove Arup in Hong Kong, Dr. Haifan Xiang and his students at Tongji University University, and Dr. Yukio Tamura and his team at the Wind Engineering Research Center at Tokyo Institute of Polytechnics. I appreciate all their hospitality and efforts on my behalf.



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