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Tri-Mil Football Rules


1. Eight players start a game. (At least 2 must be female)

2. A team may start with as few as 6 players in order to avoid a forfeit (regardless of gender)

3. After a touchdown, a team may try for one extra point from the 3 yard line or two points from the 10 yard line.

4. Games will consist of two 17-minute halves.

5. The clock will run continuously except for the last two minutes of each half.

6. The official field is 40 yards X 80 yards with 10 yard endzones.

7. The first downs are achieved by crossing the “zone line to gain.” Zone lines are 20 yards apart.

8. Linemen are NOT eligible receivers.

9. If a flag inadvertently falls from a player, two-hand touch will down that player.

10. OT's will proceed until one team has more points that the other, or until 10 minutes pass the next hour (as games are scheduled to begin on the hour). This allows for the possibility of a tie.

11. No direct snaps. Quarterbacks must be at least 2 yards behind center.

12. Flag belts must NOT be covered by a t-shirt or other article of clothing, and may not be tied.

13. Screen blocking only. Hands must be behind the back, or flat on chest. Apply the principle of setting a pick in basketball.

14. Normal football penalties apply, such as false start, pass interference, off-sides, etc.

15. All fumbles are treated as a dead ball and the end of the play. The spot of the fumble is the spot of the next play. This includes bad snaps from center.



•  One time-out per team, per half. One time-out per team for OT, no matter how many OT's there are.

•  10 minute half-time.

•  Man coverage on a punt – you can rush, no blitzing.

•  Faking a punt is fine during a set of downs. There will be no on-sides kicks/fake punt-offs.

•  Officiating should be done by RecSports referees.

•  A backup referee will be provided by the neutral branch for each game