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Spring 2013

Philosophical Theology w/ Professor Jeff Speaks
: TBAs
Office Hours: By appointment

Fall 2012

Philosophy of Law w/ Professor Ted Warfield
: 2, 4
Office Hours: 200 Malloy Hall, Monday, 10-12:00, and by appointment
Syllabus (Section 2)
Syllabus (Section 4)
Handout 1: Week 1 Readings from Douglas Husak's Legalize This!
Handout 2: Week 2 Readings from Douglas Husak
Handout 3: Week 3 Readings from Douglas Husak
Handout 4a: Week 4 Readings from Douglas Husak
               4b: Week 4 Readings from Fletcher's A Crime of Self Defense
Handout 5: Week 5 Readings from Fletcher
Handout 6: Week 6 Readings from Fletcher
Handout 7: Week 7 Readings from Fletcher
Handout 8: Week 8 Readings from Fletcher

Spring 2012

Introduction to Philosophy w/ Professor Marian David
: 4, 7
Office Hours: 200 Malloy Hall, Monday, Tuesday, 12-1:00
Handout 1: Empiricism, Rationalism, and Plato's Innatism

Teaching Evaluations

Intro to Philosophy, Spring 2012

Other Handouts

Hume's Refutation of Ethical Realism