Online Edition 2009-2010

Gregory Barr
John Courtney Murray, Aggiornamento, and Vatican II's "Declaration on Religious Freedom"[Download PDF] [show/hide pdf]

Gregory Barr graduated from Notre Dame in 2009, having double majored in Economics and History. He lived in Knott Hall for four years, serving as an RA his senior year. He is now working as an intern for Congressman Michael Castle of Delaware and Congressman Randy Forbes of Virginia. He chose this topic for his senior history research paper because he had long been fascinated by the history of Christianity and because he wanted to work with Professor Mark Noll. He would like to extend his deepest thanks to Professor Noll for being patient and approachable and for helping him to fi nd a thought-provoking research question. Gregory enjoys history trivia, such as naming the U.S. presidents in order.

Molly Kring
Purifying Words to Revive Images: Sensory Intimations of God in Eliot's Four Quartets [Download PDF] [show/hide pdf]

Molly Kring is a senior English and Sociology major. Her interest in the intersection of religion and modernity began when she read classic sociological theory on the changing role of religion in modern capitalist societies and later while conducting research with Dr. Christian Smith on the subject. Th e fact that secularization was not occurring at the level predicted (if at all) by sociologists led her to take a class with her thesis advisor, Romana Huk, entitled “The idea of ‘God’ in Postmodern Poetry.” After graduation, Molly will work for the government and later hopes to teach English. She would like to thank her parents for their neverending support and Romana Huk for her direction.