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Student papers from previous BIOS 569 sessions: 1978

Armstrong, Lorraine. A study of Bay Lake and Forest Service Bog.

Burke, Brian. Lake report on Roach Lake and Mullahy Lake.

Burke, Brian. A fish sampling program for Tenderfoot Lake.

Cone, Elizabeth. Part 1 Part 2 An analysis of Forest Service Bog and Inkpot Lake.

Cone, Elizabeth. Tenderfoot's fish sampling program.

Dise, N. Fish ecology.

Durso, Stephen. Kickapoo Lake and Hummingbird Bog: a study of 2 bodies of water.

Friedl, Michele. A report of Tender Bog and Bog Pot Lake.

Friedl, Michele. Determining the fish population in Tenderfoot Lake.

Kearney, Sean. Fish sampling in Tenderfoot Lake.

Kerby, Robert. A brief study of Morris and Long Lakes.

Kerby, Robert. Sampling Tenderfoot Lake.

McDonagh, John. The water chemistry and plankton of Long Lake and Ed's Bog.

Nousek, Nancy. A study of the chemistry and plankton of Long Lake and Beaver Bog.

Nousek, Nancy. Fishery question.

Ortega, Charmaine. Study of a fish population.

Perantoni, Ken. An ecological analysis of Inkpot Lake and Forest Service Bog.

Thornburgh, Mary. Fish sampling methods in a lake.

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