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Student papers from previous BIOS 569 sessions: 1979

Bret, Brian. A report on Morris Lake and Bolger Bog.

Dunegan, Michael. A study of Bog Pot and Hummingbird lakes.

Elser, James. Lake reports: water chemistry and plankton analysis of Beaver Bog and Tenderfoot Lake AND Fishery report: minnows, dace, stickleback, Umbra of Bolger Bog.

Fleming, Susan. Some physical, chemical, and morphometric parameters of Ed's Bog and Kickapoo Lake, Gogebic County, Michigan, June, 1979: comparison and contrast.

Fleming, Susan. The population of northern pike in Morris Lake.



Kolber, Sharon. A comparison of Morris and Long lakes.

Leicht, Bill. Lake report from UNDERC: Bergner Lake and Forest Service Bog.

Leicht, Bill. A study of Perca flavescens (in Bergner Lake).

Liebscher, Shelia. The yellow perch of Inkpot and Forest Service Bog: a study and comparison.

Mueller, Monica. Roach and Tenderfoot Lakes.

Mueller, Monica. Bolger Bog fish.

Olen, Richard. A comparative study of Raspberry and Tenderfoot Lakes.

Richards, Russell. Lake report: a look at Long Lake and Bolger Bog.

Schuler, Tom. Northern pike (in Morris Lake).

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