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Student papers from previous BIOS 569 sessions: 1990

Allison, Christine. Effects of testosterone on the mating behavior of Hyla versicolor. Advisor: Sunny Boyd

Bernard, Mary. Local Zygoptera. Advisor: George Craig

Bernard, Mary. Are mosquito repellents effective? Advisor: George Craig

Carozza, John. Part 1 Part 2 Environmental influence on the mating behavior of Hyla versicolor and Rana clamitans. Advisor: Sunny Boyd

Chambers, Michael. Tests of food choice (periphyton vs. macrophyte) by two freshwater snails (Lymnaea stagnalis and Physa). Advisor: David Lodge

Gimnig, John. A survey of invertebrate communities in littoral zones of 4 lakes in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan: the possible cascading trophic interactions in the invertebrate communities of the littoral zone. Advisor: David Lodge

Piero, Timothy. Dragonflies of UNDERC. Advisor: George Craig

Siemasko, Karyn. Inter- and intra-lake patterns of algal colonization and community structure. Advisor: Marty Berg

Sinars, Damon. An analysis and comparison of three lakes in close proximity. Advisor: Ron Hellenthal

Slate, Jennifer. A comparison of grazing between an unshaded and shaded area of a stream. Advisor: Ron Hellenthal

Taafe, Christine. Part 1 Part 2 A chemical analysis of 3 adjacent lakes with contrasting fish populations. Advisor: Marty Berg

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map of wisconsin

Habitats: northern hardwood forests, lakes and wetlands

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Habitats: grasslands, montane forest, and streams

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