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Student papers from previous BIOS 569 sessions: 1993

Bongiovi, Lisa. Nesting behavior of common freshwater Cyprinidae. Advisor: Mary Berg

Christensen, Amy. Profile of water quality and plant populations in four north-temperate lakes. Advisor: Ron Hellenthal

Cummings, Raymond. The Citrosa plant as a mosquito repellent? Failyre in field tests in upper Michigan. Advisor: George Craig

DePhilip, Michele. Diet ontogeny of yellow perch (Perca flavescens) in northern Michigan lakes. Advisor: Marty Berg

Eisert, Alisha. Influence of habitat complexity on cyprinid fished in streams. Advisor: Marty Berg

Foy, Brian. Biomonitoring and using Chironomidae as environmental indicators in four Wisconsin lakes. Advisor: Ron Hellenthal

Graham, Bridget. A zooplankton profile of Morris, Ward, Mullahy, and Reddington lakes. Advisor: Ron Hellenthal

Leo, Harvey. Frequency manipulation of mating calls of Hyla versicolor with arginine vasotocin. Advisor: Sunny Boyd

Marion-Landais, Denisse. Center of vocalization? A study of the structure and possible dimorphism of the anterior preoptic nucleus in Hyla versicolor. Advisor: Sunny Boyd

McCracken, Kevin. Ectoparasites from mammals of Michigan's Upper Peninsula. Advisor: George Craig

McNamara, Christopher. Effects of light and fish on behavior of three odonate genera. Advisor: David Lodge

Miller, Edward. Two invertebrate potential grazers on epipelic algae. Advisor: David Lodge

Price, William. 1993. Influence of groundwater flow regimes on the distribution of minnow (Cyprinidae) spawning nests in Tenderfoot Creek, Michigan. Advisor: Gary Lamberti

Pruitt, David. Interactions between Metriocnemus knabi (Diptera: Chironomidae) and Wyeomia smithii (Diptera: Culicidae) in the purple pitcher plant. Advisor: Marty Berg

Snodgrass, Jennifer. Interactions of the crayfish Orconectes propinquus with benthic invertebrates in Tenderfoot Creek, Michigan. Advisor: Gary Lamberti

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map of wisconsin

Habitats: northern hardwood forests, lakes and wetlands

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Habitats: grasslands, montane forest, and streams

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