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Student papers from previous BIOS 569 sessions: 1997

Brown, Christie. Parts 1 2 3. Relationships between macrophyte presence and chemical characteristics of eight lakes and two streams. Advisor: Ron Hellenthal

Bushner, Maureen. The effects of the exclusion of mudminnows on the insect and algae populations in a freshwater lake. Advisor: Jeff Runde

Cardinal, Karen. Physical peat characteristics and alder allometrics of peatland communities. Advisor: Scott Bridgham

Cyriac, Jomol. Characterization of osmoregulatory control centers in the brain of Rana pipiens with c-fos immunocytochemistry. Advisor: Sunny Boyd

Goodrich, Maria. Water chemical and habitat confines of aquatic hemiptera. Advisor: Ron Hellenthal

Janowak, Hollis. Water chemical confines of Odonata (dragonflies and damselflies). Advisor: Ron Hellenthal and Dick Jensen

Japlit, Pam. Littoral zone macrophytes as swan habitat and food: baseline surveys of plant abundance and species composition as data for potential reintroduction. Advisor: David Lodge

Klatte, Emily. A study of wetland hydrology in frog bog and brown cedar swamp, northern Wisconsin. Advisor: Scott Bridgham

Martin, Kristine. Flow-related fragmentation versus herbivory on macrophyte decomposition in freshwater streams. Advisor: Gary Lamberti

Mason, Jennifer. Predator-prey interactions involving chemical stimuli in Orconectes propinquus and Physa integra. Advisor: Gary Lamberti

McConaghy, Christine. Vegetated versus open water zones: Daphnia abundance across a structural complexity gradient. Advisor: Romi Burks and David Lodge

O'Keiff, Emily. Call answering and male phonotaxis in the gray treefrog, Hyla versicolor. Advisor: Sunny Boyd

Vogt, Allison. Effects of Physa integra and Orconectes propinquus on periphyton biomass, community structure, and chlorophyll A production in a stream environment. Advisor: Jeff Runde

Zulich, Amy. Trichoptera, ephemeroptera, megaloptera and water chemistry in ten sites at UNDERC. Advisor: Ron Hellenthal

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map of wisconsin

Habitats: northern hardwood forests, lakes and wetlands

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Habitats: grasslands, montane forest, and streams

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