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Student papers from previous BIOS 569 sessions: 1999

Brill, Emily. Behavioral Movement of Dragonfly Larvae in the Light Versus the Dark. Advisor: Ron Hellenthal and Sean Dunlap

Buescher, Elizabeth. Microhabitat Preference of Two Common Species of Dragonflies at the University of Notre Dame Environmental Research Center. Advisor: Ron Hellenthal

Evans, Amy K. Arginine Vasotocin (AVT) Influences Aggressive Call Behavior in the Gray Treefrog, Hyla versicolor. Advisor: Sunny Boyd

Foy, Jr., Patrick C. Microhabitat Effects on the Growth Rates of Odonata Larvae. Advisor: Ron Hellenthal and Sean Dunlap

Giefer, Matthew J. Differential Responses to Sediment Transport by Two Different Hydropsyche Population. Advisor: Jeff Runde

Glah, Megan E. Fish Predation on Odonata Larvae. Advisor: Ron Hellenthal and Sean Dunlap

Hodrick, Alison K. Gavia immer: Forming a Family. Advisor: Alan Johnson

Leicht, Stacey A. The Effect of the Addition of Nitrogen and Phosphorous on Spagnum Moss in Bogs and Intermediate Fens in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. Advisor: Scott Bridgham

Lewandowski, Luke and Matt Lord. Population Census of Esox lucius. Advisor: Jeff Runde

McConnell, Mike. Androgen Regulation of the Calling Muscles in the Gray Tree Frog. Advisor: Sunny Boyd.

McDonough, Michael. The Affects of Nitrogen and Phosphorus Addition on Peatland Plant Communities. Advisor: Scott Bridgham

Mills, Ellen M. Chemical Signaling and Avoidance Responses Between Orconectes propinquus Crayfish and Phsya integra and Planorbidae snails. Advisor: Gary Lamberti

Valainis, John. Behavior and Habitat of a Family of Bald Eagles. Advisor: Alan Johnson

Wendel, Lucas J. A. Effects of Varying Nutrient Levels on Summer-Input Speckled Alder Leaf Decomposition. Advisor: Gary Lamberti

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