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Student papers from previous BIOS 569 sessions: 2004

Duman, Kate. Impact of temperature on Lycosid spp. in the field and global climate change implications. Advisor: Angela Nardoni-Laws.

Fehring, Alicia. Inquiline species distribution among Sarracenia purpurea. Advisor: David Hoekman

Groff, Katherine. Ultraviolet radiation in aquatic ecosystems. Advisor: James Larson

Holm, Eric. Survey of rare avian species and general avian diversity at UNDERC. Advisor: Karen Francl

Klein, Al. Logging effects on amphibian larvae populations in Ottawa National Forest. Advisor: Sunny Boyd

Knott, Lisa. Fish predator impacts on crayfish habitat selection: O. propinquus and O. virilis. Advisor: Jody Murray

Locke, Amy. The impact of the proximity to water on the growth of Betula lutea, Acer saccharum, Abies balsamea, and Picea mariana. Advisor: Dan Botkin

Lucero, Joe. Survey of invertebrate species in vernal ponds at UNDERC. Advisor: Ron Hellenthal

Nohner, Joe. Eastern gray treefrog plasticity as a result of predator-induced stress. Advisor: Matt Michel

Nuske, Sarah. Aquatic survey of shrews in the Great Lakes region. Advisor: Karen Francl

Peters, Jamie. Purple loosestrife (Lythrum salicaria):  the threat posed to UNDERC and a management plan to minimize the probability of invasion. Advisor: Reuben Keller

Romanchek, James. The beaver of UNDERC. Advisor: Gary Belovsky

Saunders, Margaret. Pre-logging larval amphibian population analysis in the vernal ponds of upper Michigan. Advisor: Sunny Boyd

Sheperd, Meredith and Claire Berezowitz. Impact of bullfrog tadpoles on water chemistry, macroinvertebrate populations, and benthic composition of Tenderfoot Creek. Advisor: Todd Crowl

Shrum, Trisha. A study of the effects of dissolved oxygen levels on the growth of Rana catesbeiana and Pimephales promelas. Advisor: Kerry Yurewicz

Vargas, Neil. The shaping of soil characteristics by variation in dominant tree species. Advisor: Dan Botkin

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Habitats: grasslands, montane forest, and streams

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