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Student papers from previous BIOS 35502-01 sessions: 2007

Anweiler, Katie.  The effect of water barriers on the homing ability of Peromyscus maniculatus and Myodes gapperi.  Advisor:  Michael J. Cramer.

Brown, Loretta.  The forest floor:  a study on the relationship among trees, leaf litter, and earthworms.  Advisor:  David Costello.

Campbell, Timothy. Crayfish predation and predator induced responses in growth and shell strength of the exotic Chinese mystery snail Cipangopaludina chinensis.  Advisor:  Matthew Barnes.

Collins, Kelly. 

Davila Olmo, Katherine.  Environmental variables in open canopy vernal ponds and in closed canopy vernal ponds.  Advisor:  Matt Michel.

Goedhart, Jennifer.  Effect of allochthonous inputs on the inquiline community in Sarracenia purpurea (purple pitcher plant).  Advisor:  David Hoekman.

Heatwole, Dano.  Abundance and distribution of north woodland tree species with relation to canopy gaps at UNDERC.  Advisor:  Walt Carson.

Hirsch, Ronald.  Prevalence of parasitism and predation in three freshwater gastropods at UNDERC.  Advisor:  Todd Crowl.

Klco, Brianna.  Edge effects of natural and antropogenic field types on small mammal individual condition, population density and species composition at UNDERC-East.  Advisor:  Michael J. Cramer

Lee, Jessica.  The effects of structural clutter and open water on insectivorous bat activity in palustrine habitats.  Advisor:  Karen Francl.

Leighton, Gavin.  Effect of vegetation clutter on the feeding success of six bat species at UNDERC.  Advisor:  Karen Francl.

Mohrman, Megan.  The effect of food resources on growth and fecundity of the Chinese mystery snail, Cipangopaludina chinensis.  Advisor:  Brett Peters.

Ortiz Hernandez, Vanessa.  Species identity of shredder macroinvertebrates on organic matter processing.  Advisor:  Christopher Patrick.

Payne, Nathan. Carnivore diversity, distribution and quality comparison of digital and 35mm field cameras on the University of Notre Dame Environmental Research Center.  Advisor:  David Choate.

Perry, Andrew.  The effect of distance, substrate, conductivity, and flow on crayfish abundance and distribution in northern Wisconsin creeks.  Advisor:  Jody Murray.

Recupito, Ashley.  A study on the release calls of four anauran frogs from the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.  Advisor:  Sunny Boyd.

Sanchez Caceres, Javier. Species composition on organic matter processing rate and shredder colonization behavior in two streams.  Advisor:  Christopher Patrick.

Sena, David.  A landscape position analysis of UNDERC lakes and crayfish diversity.  Advisor:  Jody Murray.

Szewczyk, Timothy.  Effects of terrestrial and aerial predators on rodent foraging:  do GUDs differ between protective cover types?  Advisor:  David Choate.

Trainor, Erin.  Can you hear me now?  Frog call transmission in an open field and in a vernal pond to forest environment at UNDERC.  Advisor:  Sunny Boyd.

Velez, Veronica.  Behavioral plasticity:  belostomatid and dytiscid tadpole predation in different amounts of cover.  Advisor:  Matt Michel.

Vogelheim, Charles.  Mechanisms of invertebrate dispersal of purple pitcher plant (Sarracenia purpurea) inquilines.  Advisor:  David Hoekman.

Ward, Nicholas.  Habitat preference of Cipangopaludina chinensis.  Advisor:  Brett Peters.

Whiting, Luritta. Leaf litter mass relating to earthworm community biomass and soil characteristics in hardwood Wisconsin forests.  Advisor:  David Costello.

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Habitats: northern hardwood forests, lakes and wetlands

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Habitats: grasslands, montane forest, and streams

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