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Student papers from previous BIOS 35502-01 sessions: 2009

Bozell, Ashley.  Detection of the invasive crayfish Orconectes rusticus using environmental DNA from aquatic systems in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.  Advisor:  Andrew Mahon

Caicedo, Laura.  Early to late successional leaf litter decomposition rates in a northern temperate stream by Trichoptera larvae.  Advisor:  Todd Crowl

Chan, David.  Comparison of seed predation in the temperate deciduous forest canopy and forest floor.  Advisor:  David Flagel

Cray, David.  The effect of predation risk upon giving-up densities (GUDs) of shrew foraging on invertebrate populations.  Advisor:  David Flagel

Cruz, Zuleika.  Effects of mink urine on trappability of small mammals:  Peromyscus maniculatus, Peromyscus leucopus, Tamias striatus, Myodes gapperi and Blarina brevicauda.  Advisor:  Michael J. Cramer

Flynn, Rebecca.  Fertilizer exposure affects Hyla versicolor (gray tree frog) larval growth and development.  Advisor:  Matt Michel

Hall, Alexander.  Artificial lighting and nocturnal anuran calling behavior in northern Michigan vernal pools.  Advisor:  Jessica Hellmann

Hammes, Nathan.  No effect of Roundup runoff on growth Lymnaea stagnalis juvenile growth and the LC50 of Roundup for the Chinese Mystery Snail Cipangopaludina chinensis.  Advisor:  Todd Crowl

Hausauer, Brett.  Lekking behavior and call quality in Hyla versicolor.  Advisor:  Sunny Boyd

Kobeski, Connor.  Effects of endemic microbial communities on the rate of decomposition in the presence of shredders.  Advisor:  Christopher J. Patrick

Loppnow, Grace.  The impact of fish predation on invasive rusty crayfish (Orconectes rusticus) populations in two northern temperate lakes.  Advisor:  Ashley Baldridge

McCormack, Regina.  The effects of shade tolerance, deer browsing, and seed predation on forest regeneration on the UNDERC property.  Advisor:  Walt Carson

Miller, Derryl.  DNA barcoding parasite organisms found in terrestrial mammal scat using COI sequence data.  Advisor:  Andrew Mahon

Osburn, Daniel.  Response of Erethizon dorsatum and Lepus americanus to specialized and generalized predators.  Advisor:  Michael J. Cramer

Pecoraro, Sam.  Substrate’s effect on the establishment of rusty crayfish (Orconectes rusticus).  Advisor:  Ashley Baldridge

Pick, Cari.  Weather conditions on capture success of Sciurids in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.  Advisor:  Stephanie Steinhoff

Pilakouta, Natalie.  Change in resource consumption and selectivity of food types by nocturnal rodents as a result of direct and indirect cues of predation risk.  Advisor:  David Choate

Reid, Navit.  The affect of male calling dynamics on mate choice in Hyla versicolor.  Advisor:  Sunny Boyd

Rudd, Kassia.  Biodiversity of soil macro-invertebrate communities as influenced by invasive Lonicera x bella.  Advisor:  Jessica Hellmann

Schleck, Brent.  Functional differences among microbial communities of three UNDERC streams and the effect on leaf decomposition.  Advisor:  Christopher J. Patrick

Strass, Kara.  Manoomin: wild rice harvesting of the Ojibwe and its link to their worldview.  Advisor:  Brandon Feasel

Sura, Shayna.  Effects of competition and predation on the feeding rate of freshwater snails.  Advisor:  Heidi Mahon

VanBeek, Kelly.  Habitat segregation of Sciurids in Upper Michigan.  Advisor:  Stephanie Steinhoff

Vila Ruiz, Cristina.  Do tadpoles move throughout all a pond, or do they restrict themselves to certain microhabitats?  Advisor:  Matt Michel



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