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Student papers from previous BIOS 35502-01 sessions: 2011

Augustine, Kate E.  Examining avian diversity with relation to snag density in wetlands and woodlands in the Great Lakes Region.  Advisor:  Michael Chips

Bencardino, Daniel. G., Jr.  The effect of increased variance of dispersion on zooplankton. Advisor:  Christopher J.Patrick

Black Horse, Victoria Novitsky.  Per capita effects of Orconectes propinquus on aquatic plant density.  Advisor:  Ashley Baldridge

Callahan, Lauren.  Shelter use and aggression changes in rusty crayfish (Orconectes rusticus) infected with Microphallus sp. Advisor:  Lindsey Sargent

Colón Rosa, Natalia.  Role of deer mice (Peromyscus maniculatus gracilis) on the predation or dispersal of A. saccharum and A.rubrum seeds in hardwood forested regions at UNDERC-East.  Advisor:  Michael J. Cramer

Correa, Maria.  The effects of larval predation on the morphology of juvenile wood frogs (Rana sylvatica).  Advisor:  Matt Michel

Evans, Jessica S.  Relative importance of patch area, plant diversity, and habitat heterogeneity on species richness for Lepidoptera, Trichoptera, and Neuroptera in a glaciated second-growth Northern mesic hardwood forest.  Advisor:  Anthony Joern

Hranac, Laura J.  Movement and questing activity of Dermacentor variabilis (Acarina: Ixodidae) in response to host-related stimuli and changing environmental gradients.  Advisor:  Michael J. Cramer

Iglesias Miranda, Naomi. Effects of agricultural components, nitrate, and acetate, on nitrification in Morris Lake, Wisconsin.  Advisor:  William West

Karpus, Elizabeth.  Abundance of honeysuckle along used and unused roads of an eastern deciduous forest.  Advisor:  Walt Carson

Kirbie, Kate. The effect of shredder species, shredder richness, and leaf diversity on decomposition rates.  Advisor: Christopher J. Patrick

Krickl, Lauren.  Comparing the susceptibilities to Microphallus sp. infection between a native crayfish species (Orconectes virilis) and an invasive crayfish species (Orconectes rusticus). Advisor:  Lindsey Sargent

Lay, Katie.  The effects of UV-B on the survival of North American Amphibian species. Advisor:  Matt Michel

Mattison, Claire.  The effects of invasive earthworms on maple (Acer) seedling germination and growth.  Advisor:  David Flagel

Murphy, Mason.  A comparison of nitrate and phosphate levels across three aquatic habitat types before and after leaf formation in upper Wisconsin and Michigan.   Advisor:  Benjamin Clifford

Nickels, Nora.  Predation-induced responses of freshwater snails through morphological defenses and avoidance behavior.  Advisor:  Heidi Mahon

Nobriga, Chelsea.  Evaluating the effect of DOC concentration on feeding rate of juvenile yellow perch (Perca flavescens).  Advisor:  Stuart Jones

Park, Kevin S.   The effect of temperature and diet on the growth and mortality of Camnula pellucida (Orthoptera: Acrididae).  Advisor:  Anthony Joern

Revord, Patrick.  Methanogenesis rates in acetate and nitrate amended anoxic slurries.  Advisor:  William West

Robertson, Katie E. Spatial avoidance tendencies between size classes of mammalian carnivores at the University of Notre Dame Environmental Research Center (UNDERC).  Advisor:  David Flagel

Ryan, Timothy M.  Variations in Daphnia phenotype based on wetland phosphorus levels and predation pressures.  Advisor:  Benjamin Clifford

Saums, Marielle.  The impact of fertilizer exposure on caddisfly mortality and behavior and leaf litter decomposition. Advisor:  Todd Crowl

Schirtzinger, Matt.  Substrate depth as a factor affecting abundance and species richness of seed banks in a northern oligotrophic lake and the implications for ecosystem restoration.  Advisor:  Ashley Baldridge

Shrader, Donna G.  Understanding the relationship between light availability and epiphytic lichen ecology: canopy openness, photosynthetically active radiation, and the role of the host tree species.  Advisor:  Walt Carson

Smith, Casey R.   Exploring the predator-prey behavioral dynamics between the exotic Chinese Mystery Snail (Bellamya chinensis) and a native crayfish (Orconectes propinquus) in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.  Advisor:  Todd Crowl

Stiffarm, Ashley. Diel vertical migration of zooplankton in Bay Lake.  Advisor:  Matt Igleski

Yezak, Menzie. Examining seed removal rates by granivores in varying habitats in the Northern hardwood forest.  Advisor:  Michael Chips

Zwart, Jake A.  Quantifying terrestrial carbon sources of a small northern seepage lake.  Advisor: Stuart Jones

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