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Student papers from previous BIOS 35502-01 sessions: 2012

Amaro Berrocal, Camille. Advisor: Patrick Kelly

Anderson, Nick. Predicting the effectiveness of chemical defenses based on the physical defenses of three gastropods in the presence of two crayfish predators. Advisor: Shayna Sura

Armajo, Bryan J. Effects of predator chemical cues on snail behavior. Advisor: Shayna Sura

Baker, Noel S. Methane oxidation: methanotrophic bacteria's response to methane addition in a northern temperate lake. Advisor: William West

Cavanaugh, Colleen. Early growth as a predictor of canopy class. Advisor: Sam Pecoraro

Charette, Erik O. Greenfall dynamics across maple, birch, and aspen stands of an eastern deciduous forest in relation to wind disturbance. Advisor: Walt Carson

Chivetta, Mary. The prevalence and effects of Ergasilus (gill lice) on fish species in two northern Wisconsin lakes. Advisor: Todd Crowl

Crum, Nathan. Diet composition and prey selectivity of yellow perch Perca flavescens from five lakes across a gradient of dissolved organic carbon at UNDERC East. Advisor: Jake Zwart

Driscoll, Samantha. Potential changes of seed predation of Tamias striatus. Advisor: David G. Flagel

Eckert, Lauren E. Preferential foraging behavior of forest deer mice (Peromyscus maniculatus gracilis) on native and non-native Picea seeds. Advisor: Michael J. Cramer

Elser, Stephen. Placement and displacement of Chaoborus larvae in water columns across a dissolved organic carbon gradient. Advisor: Jake Zwart

Gyure, Chelsea. The effects of varying cache depth and mammalian predator scent on the foraging behavior of Peromyscus maniculatus. Advisor: Michael J. Cramer

Kalejs, Nick. The effects of temperature, predator density, dissolved oxygen, and percent emergent plants on Lithobates sylvatica tadpole body mass. Advisor: Matthew J. Michel

Leary, Patrick F., Jr. Variations of growth rate, body length, reproduction, and population size in Daphnia pulex across a phosphorus gradient. Advisor: Benjamin Clifford

Lesko, Jennifer M. Aphids and ants: mutualistic interactions on aspen trees. Advisor: Anthony Joern

Long, Kathleen. Possible effects of environmental change: survivorship and biomass production of Daphnia in a series of laboratory simulations. Advisor: Patrick Kelly

Lupoli, Christina. The effect of northern clearwater crayfish (Orconectes propinquus) abundance on stream invertebrate diversity in Michigan's Upper Peninsula. Advisor: Todd Crowl

Magliocca, Michael. Confounding effects on speciation: hybrid vigor in Daphnia pulex x D. pulicaria. Advisor: Benjamin Clifford

McLaren, Jack. Monitoring techniques for temperate bird diversity: uncovering relationships between soundscape analysis and point counts. Advisor: Luke DeGroote

O'Reilly, Ashleigh. Response of Daphnia mendotae, Daphnia pulicaria, and Holopedium gibberum to presence of fish kairomones and caffeine. Advisor: Matt Iglseki

Ryan, Anastassia. Phosphorus and nitrogen effects on algal growth and subsequently methane production. Advisor: William West

Szabo, Shawn. Possible interactions between deer herbivory and earthworm invasion impacts on the regeneration of sugar maple (Acer saccharum) in northern hardwood forest. Advisor: David G. Flagel

Thistle, Megan. Properties of vernal ponds and their effec on the density of green algae (Oophila amlystomatis) in spotted salamander (Ambystoma maculatum) egg masses. Advisor: Matthew J. Michel

Vega-Ross, Maraliz. The impact of infection with the parasite, Microphallus spp., on the growth of native and invasive Orconectes crayfishes. Advisor: Lindsey Sargent

Woodrow, Nicole. Tree-ring growth and suppression dynamics for Acer saccharum in the presence of inter- and intraspecific competition. Advisor: Sam Pecoraro

Zenker, Kate. Predator-mediated effects on deer browsing behavior. Advisor: Walt Carson

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