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UNDERC Mentors

UNDERC Mentors are assigned in the spring and work with undergraduates in the Practicum in Environmental Field Biology to design, implement, and present their independent research projects. Mentors are graduate students or faculty involved with the course, and change from year to year. Mentors are responsible for assisting students with writing a research proposal, design their projects, collect data, analyze data, prepare a publication-level manuscript, and a public presentation of their results. Some mentors also encourage undergraduates to continue on and publish their projects in peer-reviewed journals.

Each spring, the Assistant Director gathers information on each mentor and the undergraduates in the course choose three potential mentors. The Assistant Director then assigns students to mentors based on the students' choices.

Mentor Profiles

For Summer 2012, the following are potential mentors for undergraduates in the course:

Dr. Walt Carson

Ben Clifford

Dr. Michael Cramer

Dr. Todd Crowl

Luke Degroote

David Flagel

Matthew Igleski

Dr. Anthony Joern

Patrick Kelly

Dr. Matthew Michel

Sam Pecoraro

Lindsey Sargent

Shayna Sura

William West

Jake Zwart

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Habitats: northern hardwood forests, lakes and wetlands

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Habitats: grasslands, montane forest, and streams

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