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Anderson, Nicholas.  Effects of a parasitic mite on the competitive interactions between two grasshopper species

Elser, Stephen.  The effect of nutrient and water availability on grasshopper herbivory

Kalejs, Nicholas.  The Effects of Natural Wildlife Crossings on Macroinvertebrates and Algae in a Northwest Montana Stream

Lesko, Jenny.  Arthropod Diversity in an Array of Natural and Disturbed Ecosystems

McLaren, Jack.  Soundscape Analysis as a tool for monitoring songbird diversity

Nickels, Nora.  The effects of predator scent and varying food amount on the foraging behavior of Peromyscus maniculatus

Vega-Ross, Maraliz.  Effect of invasive plants on herbivores and herbivory preferences

Woodrow, Nicole.  An Ethnobotanical Research Study on Western Mono and Yokut Traditional Plant Foods and Their Miscellaneous Usages



Gillespie, Lauren. Reproductive success and brown-headed cowbird parasitism of the red-winged blackbird in correlation with its environment: roadside ditches vs. wetlands.

Lay, Katie. Avian abundance with relation to coverage of invasive grassland plant species, plant structure, and grazing patterns.

Murphy, Mason. The effects of grazing and invasive plant species on butterfly communities in northwestern Montana

Ryan, Tim. What is the relationship between emergent wetland insect community dynamics and yellow-headed blackbird breeding ecology?

Saums, Marielle. Retention and transmission of Entomophaga gryllii in Formica fusca and Camnula pellucida.

Stiffarm, Ashley. Diversity in vegetation, macroinvertebrates, soil type, and hydrology can explain success of restoration efforts of wetlands in the Ninepipe Area on the Flathead Indian Reservation.

Yezak, Menzie.


Betone, Kevin. Spotted Knapweed (Centaurea maculosa) and its effects on forage quality with elevation change.

Cray, David. Differences in abundance of Microtus pennsylvanicus between wetlands with different grazing histories.

Gergely, Kacey. The effect of grazing and roads in the spread of invasive species.

Grady, Nick. What variables affect bird communities in restored wetlands in Western Montana?

Hill, Tara. Ungulate preference and brood parasitism rates of the Brown-headed Cowbird (Molothrus ater).

McGuire, Briana. The effect of external heat addition on internal temperature and pathogen elimination success in the Acridid grasshopper Camnula pellucida.

Saintignon, Diana. The effects of Lycosoid spider density within trophic cascades.


Chan, David. Geospatial Distribution of Ants Across Land-use Types

Cruz Ramos, Zuleika.  The effect of shading on the disease ecology of the fungal pathogen Entomophaga grylli and its host the clearwinged grasshopper (Camnula pellucida)

Flynn, Rebecca L.  The impact of human presence on yellow-bellied marmot (Marmota flaviventris) behavior

Loppnow, Grace L.  Characteristics of streams infected by whirling disease (Myxobolus cerebralis) on the Flathead Indian Reservation of northeastern Montana

Miller, Derryl.  Peromyscus maniculatus seed selection as densities of seeds of native and invasive species from the Palouse prairie of western Montana are manipulated

Pecoraro, Sam.  Disturbance's effect on nitrogen fixation in cryptobiotic soil crusts

Schlichte, Megan J.  Effects of Entomophaga grylli fungal pathogen on survivorship of Camnula pellucida grasshopper populations along a moisture gradient

Strass, Kara.  Huckleberry Harvesting of the Salish and Kootenai of the Flathead Reservation


Coggon, Garrett. Macroinvertebrates as Predictors of Bull Trout, Salvelinus confluentus, Abundance and Greater Fish Community Assemblages

Eagleman, Chris. Affect of irrigation inflows on Mission Creek

Kratschmer, Edward. Yellow Flag, Iris pseudacorus, has no observed effect on fish and macroinvertebrate communities in a Montana Stream

McCabe, Collin. Geospatial movement patterns of yellow-bellied marmots, Marmota flaviventris, and their behavioral responses to path obstructions

Poinsatte, Justin. Effect of bison fecal deposition on vegetation heterogeneity of Palouse Prairie


Collins, Kelly.  Differences in vegetation and soil characteristics due to activity by rodents of the genus Peromyscus and ants of the genus Formica - possible implications for biodiverstiy maintenance in cattle-grazed land.

Klco, Brianna.  Effects of sediment loading on primary productivity and Brachycentridae survival in a third-order stream in Montana.

Perry, Andrew.  Implications of the lunay cycle on rodent foraging in multiple habitats.

Szewczyk, Tim.  The dams are alright? A comparison of the effects of mountain and valley reservoirs in Western Montana.

Velez Reyes, Veronica.  Grasshopper biodiversity among three sites with differing herbivory regimes in the National Bison Range.

Vogelheim, Charlie.  How predators affect the behavior and foraging of nymph Melanoplus femurrubrum grasshoppers in a prairie system.


Adams, Melinda Habitat selection between grassland edges using two grasshopper species (Chorthippus curtipennis and Pseudopomala brachyptera)

Alldred, Mary.  The Effects of Agricultural Run-Off on Macroinvertebrate Communities in Irrigation Ditch and Natural Stream Ecosystems

Doerries, Stephanie.  The effects of habitat patch and time of day on Melanoplus sanguinipes susceptibility to predation

LaBrie, Richard.  Overview of the water quality of selected irrigation diversions and return flows to Mission Creek, Post Creek, and Spring Creek

McCann, Mike.  Chemical defense of Artemisia frigida and Hypericum perforatum against grasshopper herbivory

Nowalk, Maura.  Relative Seed Predation by Peromyscus maniculatus on Invasive and Native Species Pairs of Four Plant Genera found in Palouse Grass Prairies of Western Montana

O'Brien, Mike.  Zooplankton community diversity of upstream and downstream lakes in Mission Mountain watersheds

Spears, Cassius.  Ungulate Herbivory on Ponderosa Pine and Douglas Fir along an elevational gradient in the National Bison Range


Braun, Ashley. Artificial and natural pond use by amphibian larvae on the National Bison Range, Montana, USA.

Hayes, Thomas. Prey selection by owls on the National Bison Range.

Irby, Mara. Homing strategies of Microtus pennsylvanicus following displacement

Kelly, Aileen. Analysis of male bioacoustic calls and male mating success in the bunchgrass grasshopper, Pseudopomala brachyptera.

Lehman, Fern. Diet choice and parasitism in Bison bison calves and bulls of the National Bison Range

Ross, Jeffrey. Monitoring the recovery of dalmatian toadflax (Linaria dalmatica) and native grasses on north- and south-facing slopes at the National Bison Range after the application of tordon (picloram) in 1998 & 2001.

Williams, Nikki. Relative abundance survey of Peromyscus and Microtus along Mission Creek riparian habitat on the National Bison Range.

map of wisconsin

Habitats: northern hardwood forests, lakes and wetlands

map of montana

Habitats: grasslands, montane forest, and streams

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