Meet The Undertones

Andrew Cloetingh '14

Philadelphia, PA

Born in the suburbs of the great city that is Philadelphia, Andrew did fun things for the greater majority of his life. He is currently a psychology major and a member of the Glee Club and PEMCo, but in his free time he enjoys watching Philadelphia sports, teaching others how to dougie, and Ke$ha. He is extremely grateful to his family and friends for their love and support and is very happy to be singing with such a wonderful group of guys!

Alex Leslie '14

Onalaska, WI

Alex is an English and Philosophy major from that part of Wisconsin where Milwaukee and Madison aren't. Most of his time is spent reading (yay, Faulkner) or training for triathlons (yay, running). Hopefully, people will someday think that he's smart enough to let him study at their graduate school. He often finds simple things really exciting. Alex has always loved music, especially if by "music" one means Steely Dan. Third person jokes aren't funny.

Billy Raseman '14

Barrington, IL

Billy is studying Civil Engineering with a concentration in Environmental Engineering. In addition to having the opportunity to be a part of the Undertones, he is lucky enough to be a member of the Notre Dame Glee Club and Climbing Club as well. He loves puns, his family, friends, the outdoors, and (of course) music. He is so grateful for all the opportunities that he has been given at Notre Dame and wants to thank all of those who have helped him get to where he is today.

Stephen Hannon '14

Longview, WA

In addition to having two majors in Physics and Mathemetics, two concentrations in Astrophysics and Advanced Physics, overloading every semester, performing collaborative physics research in anazlyzing various properties of gas clouds in the intergalactic medium as well as star formation rates in the interstellar medium, being a member of Physics Club/Math Club/Glee Club, playing interhall sports, being the academic commissioner for Carroll Hall (2 years running), and working at the computer store, Stephen spends his "free time" (def.?) having fun instead of sleeping. Oh yeah, and he totes loves the Undertones.

Josh Bathon '14

Greenville, SC

Josh Bathon is a Junior history and philosophy major in his third year in the seminary at Notre Dame for the Congregation of Holy Cross. He likes checking his Facebook, eating pasta, wearing banana stickers, and talking about things he doesn't know anything about. Oh, and singing too. His favorite book is East of Eden by John Steinbeck. Some day, he'd like to be a teacher, or maybe a truck driver. With his free time, he is trying to count to a googol.

Brendan Evans '15

South Bend, IN

Brendan Evans is an Economics major who calls both South Bend and Washington D.C. his hometown, and is honored to be part of the Undertones. When he's not singing, he enjoys reading great books, Chipotle runs, being Catholic, "Arrested Development" marathons, and waiting for natural selection to make puppy-sized elephants with the evolutionary advantage of being adorable. He is extremely grateful for his loving yet sarcastic family, his friends, Notre Dame, and for singing with such an amazing group of guys.

Jamie Towey '15

Ave Maria, FL

Jamie Towey is an American History and Arabic Language double major and a proud resident of Duncan Hall. He considers himself blessed and honored to be a member of the Undertones. Jamie obviously loves singing (especially when he's singing at abnormally high and unmanly ranges), as well as BASKETBALL and TENNIS, reading, good food (Shontoodle!), piano, and hanging out with his amigos. Always a hit with the ladies, (at least in his mind) he loves laughing and making others laugh. He is eternally grateful to God and his family for all they have done for him.

Zach Osterholtz '15

East Dubuque, IL

In his past life Zachary was the greatest singer of all time, Chad Kroeger (of Nickelback fame). In his present life Zachary is a Biology major from rural Illinois. In addition to the Undertones he is involved in Pre-Vet club, Glee-Club, and works as an ecological researcher. Besides singing his favorite activities are traveling, backpacking, and watching Game of Thrones. He is very excited to be a member of the Undertones and hopes to channel a bit of his former self on their path to world domination.

Tony Stedge '16

Puyallup, WA

Tony Stedge is a freshman at Notre Dame studying mechanical engineering. His favorite hobbies are to singing, playing violin and piano, eating noodles and rice, and basically doing all things that is typically associated with Asianity. He is ecstatic to be a member of the Undertones in addition to the Notre Dame Glee Club and Symphony Orchestra. The motto he lives his life by is a quote from his favorite movie of all time, Up – "Adventure is out there!"

Merrick Topping '16

Glenview, IL

Merrick Topping is a young child hailing from Glenview, Illinois. "I lika da music" says he. He played alto saxophone up until entering Notre Dame and has participated in school choirs for the past four years. In addition to his musical aspirations, Merrick enjoys all sports, with a special passion for tennis. He is loving Notre Dame and feels blessed to be a part of Glee Club. He is excited to continue to work and grow musical abilities these next four years. Go Irish!

Ollie Hanes '16

Wilmington, DE

Oliver likes music, swimming, food, math, living, and music. Combinations of the above preferred. Yeah!

Stuart Streit '16

Crystal Lake, IL

Born and raised on the shores of beautiful Crystal Lake, Stuart spent a good part of his formative years coming to grips with the fact that he was not (and unfortunately, still is not) a dinosaur. Despite this initial setback, though, Stuart's life has turned out pretty well. A double major in Chemical Engineering and English, Stuart is a proud resident of Alumni Hall (FGR!) and loves being part of Glee Club. He also owns a chicken costume, so that's pretty neat!