The name of this organization shall be the Vietnamese Student Association of Notre Dame (VSAND).


The purpose of the Vietnamese Student Association of Notre Dame (VSAND) shall be to foster and promote the appreciation for cultural diversity at the University of Notre Dame through coordinating activities that further the exploration of the Vietnamese Heritage. The mission of the club shall be attained through the following means:

Coordinating informational meetings and trips to various shops, restaurants, and other relevant locales so students can learn and experience more about the Vietnamese culture and people.

Hosting and coordinating, along with the local Vietnamese community, an annual Tet or Vietnamese New Years in addition to various other local events in the community.

Fostering and maintaining a close relationship with the local Vietnamese community so interested students can further experience the Vietnamese culture through meeting and associating with the local Vietnamese.


Membership is open to any interested current undergraduate students enrolled full-time at the University of Notre Dame, Saint Mary's College or Holy Cross College.


Section 1. Fees

Each member must pay an annual fee of $5 due by October 1.

Section 2. Joining During Fall Semester

Students who join the club after October 1 must pay their membership dues within two weeks of joining the club.

Section 3. Joining During Spring Semester

Students who join after February 1 shall pay $5 dues for the remainder of the academic year.


Section 1. Officers

The President, Vice President, Secretary, Historian, and Treasurer shall be the officers of the club. Only Notre Dame, Saint Mary's and Holy Cross students may serve as officers.

Section 2. Officer Eligibility

All officers must be current undergraduate students enrolled full-time at the University of Notre Dame, Saint Mary's College or Holy Cross College.

Section 3. Duties of the President

The President's duties and responsibilities include: (a) Acting as the official liaison between the organization and the University administration; (b) Supervising the overall functioning of the organization; (c) Making the final decisions regarding club business in the event that a decision cannot be made by the board as a whole or on a deadlocked issue; (d) Delegating responsibilities to the officers; (e) Residing over executive board meetings; (f) Right to form and preside over all committees (Ex Officio); (g) Right to form AD-HOC committee.

Section 4. Duties of the Vice President

The Vice President's responsibilities and duties include: (a) Acting as the liaison between the executive board and the club members; (b) Assisting the President in fulfilling his/her duties; (c) Fulfilling the role of President in case of his/her absence.

Section 5. Duties of the Secretary

The duties of the Secretary shall be to maintain active records and documentation, if applicable, of all club events and meetings. The Secretary shall also ensure that all club activities and relevant information shall be effectively communicated to all VSAND members and to the Advisor. All scheduling and club coordinating efforts must be maintained at least by written record, by the Secretary. The Secretary must report to the President and, if applicable, to the rest of the officers at club meetings on any club-related information.

Section 6. Duties of the Treasurer

The Treasurer's duties and responsibilities include: (a) Keeping all financial records in order and up-to-date; (b) Handling all major financial transactions; (c) Preparing oral and written reports of financial activity once a month; (d) Preparing and periodically updating the budget; (e) Collecting dues and keeping a record of collections from members; (f) Right to be an Ex Officio over all fund-raising committees.

Section 7. Officer Elections

Officers for the next school term will be elected by the end of the first week in February by a majority vote of the members in attendance. Each candidate will be given three minutes to speak and two minutes to answer questions. Should no candidate receive a majority of the votes required for election, a run-off election shall be held between the two candidates with the most votes.

Section 8. Elected Officer Impeachment

An elected officer found deficient in his/her duties may be removed by a two-thirds vote from all other members of the organization. The Club Advisor shall advise the impeachment proceedings to ensure due process and a fair trial.

Section 9. Non-Elected Officer Impeachment

A non-elected officer may be replaced by a two-thirds approval from all other officers of the organization. The Advisor shall advise the impeachment proceedings to ensure due process and a fair trial.


Section 1. Advisor Eligibility

The Advisor shall be a full-time faculty or administrative staff member at either Notre Dame or Saint Mary's.

Section 2. Advisor Rights

The Advisor shall be an ex-officio member of the club and shall not have voting rights.

Section 3. Advisor Selection

The Advisor shall be selected by a two-thirds majority vote of the active membership by the end of the first week of February, during officer elections.

Section 4. Advisor Duties

The Advisors duties shall be as follows:

Attend events coordinated by the organization.

Review the financial records of the club with the Treasurer on a semesterly basis.

Assist with the implementation of the officer transition program in the spring semester.

In close cooperation with the officers of the association, the Advisor shall oversee and advise on all relevant aspects of the organization’s activities and operations.


Section 1. Meeting Frequency

Meeting shall be held monthly. There shall be at least two General Meetings per semester, which all members should make an effort to attend.

Section 2. Attendance

A member may be expelled from the club for missing three consecutive meetings without a sufficient excuse.

Section 3. Quorum

Quorum for meetings shall be the majority of officers and half of the membership plus one. Official business shall only be discussed when a quorum of the membership is attending. Members shall be notified of regular meetings via e-mail and/or phone message so they have plenty of notice in order to attend.

Section 4. Voting Rights

Only current undergraduate members enrolled full-time at the University of Notre Dame, Saint Mary's College or Holy Cross College shall have the right to vote.

Section 5. Emergency Meetings

Emergency meetings may be called at any time by a majority vote of the officers. Members shall be notified of emergency meetings via voice mail and/or e-mail at least 48 hours in advance.


Section 1. Procedures

All disbursements $50 or below must be authorized by both the President and the Treasurer.

Section 2. Special Disbursements

Any disbursement of funds over $50.00 must be approved by a majority of officers and by the advisor.


Section 1. Ratification

Amendments to this constitution may be made at any time by a two-thirds majority vote of the membership. Any member may make a motion to have those who are proposing alterations present arguments in favor of such changes. At which point, the proposal is opened to discussion and all member questions and concerns must be addressed satisfactorily. Upon a motion by any member, members shall vote to decide the validity of each proposed amendment in turn.

Section 2. Official Adoption

All amendments must be submitted in writing directly to the Student Activities Office.