Welcome to the Vietnamese Student Association (VSA) of the University of Notre Dame homepage. This site is designed to help keep our members up-to-date on all VSA events and to keep our members and others in contact with the officers. Feel free to look around the site and let us know how we can better serve you.

Over the last 18 years, our organization has promoted the Vietnamese cultural heritage as a part of the Notre Dame community. Through our cultural and social events, we cultivate a great family of Vietnamese, Vietnamese-American, and Non-Vietnamese students through some of our most time honored and recognizable traditions. Together we celebrate our culture and rich history at Notre Dame as we work hard towards living the golden dream.


The Vietnamese Student Association was started in 1993 at the University of Notre Dame. The names of the founding members that created this club has been lost among the sands of time. While no particular person or group of people can be accredited to the creation of VSA, the history and culture that molded and sculpted this association still live on through it current members.

Contrary to the name of the association, VSA does not just involve Vietnamese people in their activities and events. The Vietnamese Student Association is OPEN TO EVERYONE, regardless of race or ethnicity. According to the club's constitution, the purpose of VSA is to foster and promote the appreciation for cultural diversity at the University of Notre Dame through coordinating activities that further the exploration of the Vietnamese Heritage. If you would like to participate or contribute to the club, contact us by either e-mailing us or contacting one of our current club officers.

Within the group, we strive to strengthen the bonds of friendship through numerous VSA dinners, trips, cultural performances, and informal get-togethers. The VSA dinners has been a staple of VSA activities for as long as anyone can remember. The Tet potluck is the most popular, during New Year's everyone becomes embroiled in the "traditional" Tet festivities of the South Bend Vietnamese Community.


Asian Allure, Notre Dame's Asian and Asian American cultural show held in the fall, has traditionally highlighted Vietnamese culture through music and dance. VSAND performs a variety of cultural dances which showcase ao dai, conical hats, fans, and Vietnamese music. In previous years, VSA has performed the Mua Lan lion dance with the assistance of surrounding communities. In 2004, VSAND officers Lisa Nguyen and Covington Doan purchased a lion and drum for permanent usage for VSAND. Our golden lion made its first appearance opening Asian Allure: Fusion in the fall of 2004. Then Vice President, Covington Doan took the role of the lion head while VSAND member and Fusion producer David Zhang played the role of the tail.

For Asian Allure 2005: Reflections, Covington's sister Victoria Doan and Stephanie Nguyen took the role of the lion adding a feminine touch to the Mua Lan performance.

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Parent and Sister Organizations

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