VSA events highlight the richness of Vietnamese culture and the fun and warmth of the Vietnamese student community at Notre Dame. Over the years, the VSA has expanded the range of cultural and social activities. Here's a glimpse of what's in store for you as a member of VSA!

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Pho Nights and Goi Cuon

Nothing spells out family better than a nice dorm cooked bowl of pho! Serving the Vietnamese student family on campus, VSA hosts monthly pho nights for its members. Girls and guys alike help out in the cooking experience and in time even learn how to replicate this well known Vietnamese dish.

VSA pho nights are small reminders of home that helps boost our moral when we are away from our families. Events like Pho Nights help build a second family where members of VSA can contribute to our home away from home - love thee Notre Dame.

Pho nights are planned monthly, but sometimes we miss home-wrapped Vietnamese spring rolls too! Goi cuon meals are active events where all members of VSA participate in preparing spring rolls. Aside from member exclusive meals, we also have spring roll wrapping parties where we get together and prepare spring rolls and share them with the Notre Dame community during campus-wide events.

Notre Dame Football Concession Stands

No Notre Dame football experience is complete without participating in club concession stands during ND's exciting football weekends! VSA's football concession stand is one of the club's main fundraisers so we take pride in serving all the football fans.

From cooking behind the grill to serving hot dogs to home and visiting team fans alike with a smile and Notre Dame's hospitality, There's nothing quite like football weekends with VSA! VSA is given only one concession stand a season so don't miss out and get your hickory smoke brats and burgers with VSA!

Mua Lan Lion Dance

The lion dance is performed by members of VSA as part of Notre Dame's Asian Allure Cultural Show. Interested members form a troupe and practice twice a week between September and the November performance date in order to polish the routine. Members of the troupe consist of the lion dancers, the happy Buddah lion tamer, and various instrumentalists. Whatever your level of talent is, VSA is always looking for people interested in participating in this highly amazing event.

Last year's lion dance featured a fun battle between our dragon and a brave villager. The dance follows the Vietnamese tradition of performing this dance as part of "Tet", otherwise known as Vietnamese New Year. Street performers entertain audiences each year with its rhythm, style, and groove! This event captures a part of the spirit of the Vietnamse New Year celebration!

Hat Dance and Ao Dai Modeling

The beautiful women of VSA wouldn't be complete without showing off the traditional Vietnamese dress known as an "Ao Dai." As part of the Asian Allure Cultural Show, our cute VSA women (and handsome VSA men) perform in these traditional outfits. Coupled with conincal hats, popular of Vietnamese culture, VSA members choreograph a captivating performance to showcase a special part of our Vietnamese cultural tradition.

As the performance group grows, VSA also plans incorporating many more dances and skits featuring the Ao Dai including a fan dance and song routine. Inspired by popular Vietnamese stage performance from the Paris by Night series, our memebers are always coming up with new and creative ideas. Our ultimate goal is to gather enough ideas and performances to host our very own dinner show titled, "ND by Night." Join VSA in the new rave of stage performance. Start today!

College Conferences and Events

VSAND continues to keep open networking with Vietnamese student organizations across the nation. Recently, VSAND has visited the University of Michigan to participate in college conferences and support their cultural show - Dem Viet Nam.

Only the most active members of VSA get the opportunity to travel to these different colleges representing Notre Dame. Cross-college events help VSAND obtain recognition and a positive social network that allows us to grow into a dynamic student organization.

Volleyball Vietnam

VSA's Volleyball Vietnam - a fun day of volleyball and Vietnamese barbeque!

Ideas for expanding event include setting up a tournament alongside recreational play. The event takes place in early fall and late spring when South Bend weather permits! Join in on all the fun with VSA!