Wabruda. I am my brother's keeper and together we will rise!

Our Mission Statement

The Wabruda is an organization based on brotherhood amongst African Americans. Through intellectual elevation, communal interaction and faith in God, we will strive to achieve social awareness and personal enlightenment.

Challenge Ourselves Every Day

Every Sunday, we meet as a group to discuss topics that range from current events, spirituality, relationships to new music we might be interested in. Throughout every discussion, we aim to enrich our knowledge, develop critical thinking skills, and to quote our advisor, Dr. D, "Become critical consumers of our environment." Through it all, we hope that every Wabruda Man becomes a better leader and a man of integrity.

Every Man on Campus Welcome

There is the common misconception that only African American males can become brothers of The Wabruda. However, our brotherhood is open to brothers of all colors and all are invited to join our meetings to see what we are all about. Your presence and fellowship means a lot to us.

Becoming a member of The Wabruda means that you will be welcomed into a growing family of brothers who support one another. We hope that our interaction is intellectually, socially and spiritually fruitful and helps us gain deeper appreciation of our similarities and our differences.

So Join Us

Whether you're interested in coming to a meeting or want to check out a Wabruda sponsored event, we'd love to have you. Come hangout with your brothers. Let's talk, enrich ourselves and have fun.