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ECON 30331:  Econometrics (Undergraduate)



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ECON 30331/Evans

Fall 2015



·         Finkelstein, Amy, et al., 2012. “The Oregon Health Insurance Experiment:  Evidence from the First Year.” Quarterly Journal of Economics 127(3), 1057-1106. Download


·         Black, Sandra E. “Do Better Schools Matter? Parental Valuation of Elementary Education.”  Quarterly Journal of Economics 1999, 114(2), 577-599. Download









·         Ayres, Ian and Steven Levitt, “Measuring Positive Externalities from Unobserved Victim Precaution:  An Empirical Analysis of Lojak,” Quarterly Journal of Economics, 115(3), 2000, 755-789.  Download




·         Angrist, J.D., V. Lavy, "Using Maimonides' Rule to Estimate the Effect of Class Size on Scholastic Achievement, "Quarterly Journal of Economics, 114(2), 1999, 533-575. Download




·         Card , David, Carlos Dobkin, Nicole Maestas, “Does Medicare Save Lives?” Quarterly Journal of Economics, 124(2), May 2009, 597-636.  Download


·         Elder, Todd and Darren Lubotsky, “Kindergarten Entrance Age and Children’s Achievement:  Impacts of State Policies, Family Background, and Peers,” Journal of Human Resources, 2009, 44(3): 641-683. Download