Lecture Notes

ECON 43656 Health Economics

Spring 2015



·        What is health economics? [Download in PPT handout mode], January 14

·        A primer on difference in difference models, [PPT handout], January 14/19

·        Determinants of health from a historical perspective, [PPT handout], Jan 19/21

·        Health and development [PPT handout], Jan 21/28

·        A primer on Regression Discontinuity Design, [PPT handout]

·        Modern correlates of health [PPT handout], Jan 28/Feb 2/Feb 9

·        Controlling hazardous behavior with Pigouvian taxes [PPT handout], Feb 9 and 11

·        An economic look at obesity [PPT handout], Feb 16

·        Expected utility [PPT handout], Feb 18, 23

·        Moral hazard, part 1 [PPT handout], Feb 25




·        Empirical evidence – demand for medical care [PPT handout]

·        Asymmetric Information/Adverse Selection [PPT handout]

·        Employer provided health insurance [PPT Handout]

·        Employer mandates and health care reform [PPT handout]

·        A brief introduction to Medicare [PPT Handout]

·        Health consequences of insurance [PPT Handout]

·        Medicaid and crowdout [PPT Handout]

·        Technology and health care spending [PPT Handout]

·        Induced Demand [PPT handout]