"On female rugby teams - Everybody thinks we should have moustaches and hairy arses, but in fact you could put us all on the cover of Vogue." - Helen Kirk (1987)


  Kayla Bishop 2012 Back San Antonio, TX
  Rachel Chisausky 2013 Forward Peotone, IL
  Teresa Choe 2013 Back Kailua-Kona, HI
  Carolyn Christian 2012 Forward Rockville, MD
  Erin Connor 2012 Back Denver, CO
  Margot DeBot 2012 Forward Stevens Point, WI
  Anna Fraser 2014 Forward St. Paul, MN
  Deanna Kolberg 2013 Back Granger, IN
  Christina Konkey 2012 Forward South Bend, IN
  Janet Mostrom 2013 Back Fayetteville, NY
  Ashley Okonta 2013 Back Toledo, OH
  Rachel Palumbo 2013 Back , IL
  Veronica Ryan 2013 Forward Concord, MA
  Kristen Scheer 2013 Forward Clarendon Hills, IL
  Megan Scheitlin 2013 Back  
  Vanessa Silva 2014 Forward Plainfield, IL
  Lizzy Snow 2012 Forward South Bend, IN
  Amelia Vojt 2014 Forward Mendon, NY

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