Dr. Yang Sun   

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   Department of Physics
   University of Notre Dame
   Notre Dame, IN 46556

   Phone: (574) 631-7197
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Social Life

What else does Dr. Sun do beyond physics? Well, a lot. Although he has been abroad since 1985, the link to the Chinese culture and love in Chinese food are not changed. He served for two years as principal of the Oak Ridge Chinese School in the state Tennessee, a non-profit school that teachs the Chinese language to children from local Chinese American families.

Amomg his many hobbies, he particularly likes traveling, fishing, gardening, photography, and stamp-collecting. He likes also to sing Peking Opera pieces and play the Peking Opera instrument (Jing Hu).

This picture was taken during Dr. Sun's performance of Peking Opera at the Chinese New Year celebration in 2000, the year of the Dragon. Click it for an enlarged image.

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