Dr. Yang Sun   

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   Department of Physics
   University of Notre Dame
   Notre Dame, IN 46556

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Innovative Teaching

Dr. Sun is very interested in teaching all introductory level courses, as well as those of advanced levels. He thinks that the standard lecture format for a class is important in providing students with basic information, but it needs to be mixed with approaches that involve the students more directly. He believes that a good teacher is not an isolated figure at the head of the classroom, but an active participant in the students' experience with their field of study.

In the past years, Dr. Sun taught Physics 101 and Physics 102 at the University of Notre Dame. He used interactive animations in the classroom teaching. With the help of Ping Zheng, many short movies were developed. He plans to eventually publish an online student companion.

Many K-12 science teachers find these animations useful also for their students. This link brings you to an animation gallery (then click "Collection" to see the list). The list of animations follow the concept described in the textbook "Physics: A World View" by Kirkpatrick and Wheeler.