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   Department of Physics
   University of Notre Dame
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Educational Technology

In addition to standard classroom experience and experience of working with students on their research projects, Dr. Sun has great enthusiasm for innovative college teaching by integrating emerging technologies with his extensive pedagogical credentials in sciences. His educational applications over the past six years have employed a variety of modern technologies and computer languages such as Flash + Actionscript, Director + Lingo, Java, Javascript, and HTML. He was a team member of LightCone Interactive affiliated with the University of Tennessee.

Their products are either complete web-deliverable science courses or alone-standing modules in CDs, which are all structured by integrated interactive animations. The subjects include Astronomy, Biology, Genetics and Microbiology. Reviewers have rated these projects at the top of their respective fields in interactive electronic technology for educational applications. For a brief summary of some of the completed educational technology products, see these examples.

Since he moved to the University of Notre Dame, Dr. Sun has been working on interactive animations for Physics in collaboration with the Kaneb Center for Teaching and Learning at the University of Notre Dame. Link here to their project gallery that includes Dr. Sun's physics demonstrations.

Technical Note: Many of the applications in the above link use Flash. You must have the free Flash Player installed on your computer. If you have any doubt, or if something doesn't work, install the current version of Flash Player from macromedia.com before proceeding.