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Office @ 123A Cushing Hall


Tel: (574)631-2667

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Dept of Chemical Biomolecular Engineering University of Notre Dame du Lac

Zhu Research Group

Overview: Zhu's research group aims to understand, control and exploit the interfacial behaviors of soft materials including polymer, biopolymers, colloids and other interesting systems by using a set of novel experimental techniques. Extending from fundamental science to technical application, the interdisciplinary research focuses on structural and dynamical (diffusion and transport) of molecules at surface and interface with an emphasis on biolubrication, drug delivery, microfluidic device design and biomolecular engineering. We welcome broad collaborations with material scientists, physicists, chemists, biologists, medical doctors as well as chemical engineers.

The group uses a wide range of experimental techniques including interfacial force microscopy, confocal laser scanning microscope, molecular rheometer, atomic force microscope and a range of microscopes with particle tracking method for fast imaging analysis.

National Science Foundation (CBET, CMMI-NM and CMMI-MSE programs)
Basic Energy Science, Dept of Energy
ND Sustainable Energy Institute (SEI), University of Notre Dame
Positions Available
We are seeking highly motivated Postdocs, graduate students and undergraduate studets to work on several projects involving polyelectrolyte thin films, colloid-polymer assembly and supramolecular assembly, and lipid membranes.

Candidates who are interested in working in our lab, please contact Prof. Zhu (


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