CSE 34151 Theory of Computing: Spring 2017 - SV Section
Babbages Analytical Engine, 1834-1871. (9660574685)

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Description: Introduction to formal languages and automata, computability theory, and complexity theory.

This class is a sub-section of the on-campus course taught by Prof. Chiang.

Text: Intro to the Theory of Computation, 2nd or 3rd Ed. (preferred), Michael Sipser with ERRATA.

Instructor: Prof. Peter Kogge 326A Cushing.

Classroom: Zoom on-line: 8:00-9:15am Tusdays/Thursdays, PST

Administration: See the Campus Theory Home Page page for information on grading, office hours, etc.

This week in Theory

Lecture topics will follow closely those of the on-campus course, while lectures themselves may be different.

Week 9: March 21-23

Campus: Campus Lecture Notes
SV Tuesday: Turing Machines Variations in Turing Machines
SV Thursday: Algorithms, Graphs, and Deciders
Class video
Reading: Sipser Chap. 3.1-3.3
Homework Homework 5 Due Thursday 3/23 11:55pm
Other TOCK Toolkit for simulating FAs.
Excel Spreadsheet for simulating FAs.

Previous weeks calendars, including class, readings, and homework information, are on the Calendar page.

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  • 3/8: Exam 2 scheduled for April 11
  • 2/23: Note addition to class rules in Administration"All handouts and other materials created for this course by the professor are copyrighted material of the professor. Re-posting copies of any of these materials to any location is both an honor code violation and a violation of copyright law."
  • 2/19: change in deadline for HW3
  • 2/18: Posted Homework 3 Due 2/23 11:55pm and Project 2
  • 2/14:Review Video from 2/14 posted
  • 2/2: Notes for Regular Expressions updated. Remember Homework 2: due 2/2 11:55pm to Sakai dropbox.
  • 1/25: Notes for week 2 updated
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