A Letter From Your 2017 Retreat Leaders

Danica Crowley

Major: Finance
Hometown: Los Altos, California
Dorm: Pasquerilla East Hall
Year: Sophomore
Position: AAA Membership Outreach &
Japan Club Public Relations

Tony Do

Major: Chemical Engineering
Hometown: Syracuse, New York
Dorm: Zahm House
Year: Junior
Position: Vietnamese Student Association
Vice-President & Vice Chair of Diversity Council

       Hi! We are Danica and Tony, and we will be your retreat leaders for the 2017 AAA Freshman Retreat! As one of the very first events of the semester, this overnight retreat is the perfect way to kick off your freshman year and meet the AAA family. Over the years, the retreat has meant different things to different people; some make lifelong friends, some develop their spirituality, and others explore their identity. This year’s theme is IGNITE - discover how your relationships, passions, and intellect can spark a unique fire that you can carry throughout your years at Notre Dame and beyond. We’re looking forward to meeting all of you at our favorite event of the year!

Danica & Tony

Check out some photos from last year's retreat!


DATE: August 25 – 26 2017

TIME: 4:00PM – 4:00PM

LOCATION: Sacred Heart Parish Center

COST: $0

DESCRIPTION: The AAA Freshman Retreat is one of the three multicultural retreats available to freshmen to start their first year at Notre Dame. It is a collaborative effort between AAA and Campus Ministry and designed to help you explore your identity, faith, and culture alongside other freshmen.

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Meet some of your retreat leaders!

Anthony Luc

Major: Computer Science
Hometown: Fort Wayne, IN
Dorm: Dillon Hall
Year: Junior
Position: AAA President

Hi guys! I'm Anthony, and I'll be a junior this year. Born and raised in Fort Wayne, Indiana, I haven't seen much of the rest of the world or traveled (except to Vietnam when I was six)! Two of my favorite shows are Game of Thrones and Stranger Things. If you're going to be living in Dillon Hall, you'll definitely see me around, but if you live elsewhere, then come for Dillon Hall's signature milkshakes after mass on Thursday! I'm looking forward to meeting you all, and I hope to see you at the Freshman Retreat!

Nhu-Y Nguyen

Major: Biology and Anthropology
Hometown: Tampa Florida
Dorm: Badin Hall
Year: Sophomore
Position: Event Coordinator for VSA (Vietnamese Student Association)

Hey guys! I can't wait to meet everyone and share my story with everyone. I love to make origami and choreograph dances. I am excited to welcome everyone to Notre Dame and get to know everyone better.

Honoka Suzuki

Major: Applied and Computational Mathematics and Statistics
Hometown: Mason, OH/Chapel Hill, NC
Dorm: Badin Hall
Year: Sophomore
Positions: Just a joyous member of AAA

Dear incoming freshmen...hello and welcome!! My name is Honoka, and I am a rising sophomore that loves to travel, eat, window shop, and watch Gossip Girl all day. I went on this retreat as a freshman last year, and it was such a fun experience that introduced me to some of my best friends at Notre Dame and made me see what a community at Notre Dame is truly like. I hope that as leaders this year, we can have the same, if not stronger, impact on you guys through this wonderful event. See you soon!

Donald Luc

Major: Computer Science - Cyber Security
Hometown: Fort Wayne, IN
Dorm: Dillon Hall
Year: Junior
Position: AAA Treasurer

Hey Freshies! We are all excited to welcome you at Notre Dame. My name is Donald, a rising Junior. I love playing both League of Legends and soccer. If you say hello to me and it looks like I forgot about you, then you are probably seeing my twin brother, Anthony, instead! If you truly want to learn how to tell us apart then you best try to hang out with the both of us next year. I'm excited to share with you all the same inspiration that past ND upperclassmen gave me when I first joined AAA! See you soon.

Daniel Kim

Major: Finance (with Minor in Actuarial Science)
Hometown: Melbourne, Florida
Dorm: Duncan Hall
Year: Junior
Positions: 2016-17 AAA Treasurer; member of AAA, KSA, and VSA since 2015

Hi there! Believe it or not, I'm probably more excited for the AAA Freshman Retreat than you are. So far, I've been involved with more than nine different clubs, served in over six different leadership positions, participated in a pilgrimage exploring California, volunteered as a camp counselor for adults with disabilities, and, amongst other things (never had Giordano's), will have my fourth roommate this fall. But everything began with my AAA Freshman Retreat and it couldn't have been better. Because, like Notre Dame, the best part about it is always the people: you.

Lily Falzon

Major: Sociology with a Minor in Chinese
Hometown: Huntington Beach, California
Dorm: Farley Hall
Year: Senior
Positions: the most dedicated of all members

Hi friends! I'm Lily, a proud chocolate addict who needs books like I need air. I prefer the sand to the snow, but Notre Dame will always be my home away from home. I hope you'll join us for this year's AAA Freshman Retreat and meet a family ready to welcome you with open arms. I can't wait to meet you all soon!

Angelo Liu

Major: Science Business
Hometown: Chester, NJ
Dorm: Dillon Hall
Year: Sophomore
Position: AAA Director of Design and Digital Media

How’s it going, super thrilled to meet you guys. Some fun facts about me: I am now a big fan of rap music thanks to my brother. I play on the volleyball team here at Notre Dame, and I can juggle chainsaws. I am excited to just meet new people and help others feel welcome at Notre Dame just as this retreat helped me last year.

Find more information on AAA and its umbrella clubs below!

AAA is diverse student organization, and underneath it are eight additional culture clubs. Everyone, 0-100% Asian, will be able to find a group to join!

Asian American Association
Chinese Culture Society
Filipino American Student Organization
Hawai'i Club
Japan Club
Korean Student Association
South-Asian Student Association
Taiwanese Student Association
Vietnamese Student Association


Frequently Asked Questions

Have even more questions? You can send an e-mail to either your retreat leaders Tony (ado1@nd.edu) or Danica (dcrowle5@nd.edu), or send an e-mail to AAA at: aaa@nd.edu