Department of Applied and Computational Mathematics and Statistics
Travel Expense Reimbursement

As of July 1st, 2011, faculty, staff, and student travel expense reimbursements must be submitted through the travelND system in insideND. In order to facilitate completion of the travelND expense report, please complete the following form and submit original receipts to the departmental administrator in 153 Hurley Hall.

Note: Visitors and guests should complete the Visitor Form instead. Please download the form prior to completing. The form and receipts can be emailed to kathy.phillips@nd.edu or mailed to: ACMS department, 153 Hurley Hall, Notre Dame, IN 46556.

Before reimbursement can be completed or submitted, the departmental administrator must be set up as a delegate in the travelND system. Please refer to the Initial Profile Setup and Guide for Approvers for steps on how to complete this process. Please select delegate: phillips.148@nd.edu.

If you would prefer to complete the expense reimbursement information in travelND on your own, please refer to the Concur Expense Quick Reference Guide for information on preparing and submitting the report.

Individual Information:

Name of Individual to be Reimbursed:



Expense Information:

  Date Incurred   Total Expenses   Fund Information
1. Airfare
2. Ground Transportation
3. Lodging
4. Meals
5. Conference Fees
6. Other Expenses

If per diem is being charged for meals, please indicate how many days:

Should any meals be omitted from per diem? If so, please indicate the meal type (i.e. breakfast, lunch, dinner) and the date to omit.

Business Purpose for Expenses Incurred and fund/grant to be charged:

Additional Information:

Please provide any additional information or remarks that you have related to your expenses or travels: