Being dissatisfied with or ashamed of one’s body size or shape is a fact of life for many, if not most, girls and women. The contemporary requirement to be superthin distracts our girls from more worthy and realistic pursuits, like intellectual exercise and athletic prowess and the development of strong characters and healthy relationships.

Social and cultural factors – like negative media, peer, and family messages – play roles in the development and maintenance of severe eating disorders and everyday, unhealthy, eating- and body-related behaviors.

We seek to understand how these messages are interpreted and how they influence health behaviors. Our long-term goal is to identify means of fostering healthy eating and body attitudes and behaviors for life.

Interested in Joining the Team?


Are you a Notre Dame undergraduate considering graduate school in psychology or a related profession? The Body Image and Eating Disorder Lab at Notre Dame provides hands-on experiences and mentoring that help prepare students for graduate school in clinical, counseling, social, and developmental psychology, as well as related health and helping fields. Undergraduates also may be interested in Prof. Corning’s upper-level seminar course, Understanding Eating Disorders, open to Notre Dame students. Seating is limited and demand is high, so inquire early.

At My Office or Lab

My office and the Body Image and Eating Disorder Lab are located in Haggar Hall on the campus of the University of Notre Dame. Contact me to make an appointment.


  • Lab Head

    Alexandra Corning

  • Lab Coordinator

    Becky Morrissey

2014-2015 Undergraduate Research Assistants

  •      Emily Ahles
  •      Abby Balmert
  •      Shelby Clingen
  •      Allison Kieffer
  •      Shannon Lesch
  •      Geralyn Moody