XBee Messenger - CSE 20212 - Spring 2016

XBee Messenger is an instant messaging application built upon a custom wireless network. Client computers use Arduinos, XBees & a RaspberryPi to communicate using custom IRC chatrooms.








VaGo - AT&T Hackathon - Fall 2015

VAGO is a home automation tool to let users give temporary access to their homes for short periods of time. Think of it as a "temporary key under the mat" that controls not just locks, but temperature, lights and doors in the house. Winner of the 2015 AT&T Hackathon 2nd Place Overall, Best UI/Design, and 3rd Place AT&T Digital Life API use awards.








ShopBuddy - PennApps - Fall 2015

What if Amazon could learn from you? And what if all you needed to do was hold up a product to submit an order? ShopBuddy does just this. It can read the barcode of a product you want to buy and begin to learn your shopping habits. Use a bottle of shampoo every 35 days? ShopBuddy will learn this and start to place orders for you. After extended use you'll never have to place an order again, products will just show up on your doorstep when you need them.








Smart AC - Fall 2015

During the first few weeks of school at Notre Dame, Stanford gets hot.....extremely hot.......and very humid as well. To combat this I built my own air conditioner. Using copper tubing, aquarium pumps, and a large bucket of ice I was able to cool my room down a couple of degrees and escape the summer heat. Plus, I connected it to the internet so I would recieve text messages when the ice ran out and the temperature started to rise.









North Sense - HackIllinois - Spring 2015

Ever want superpowers? Well now here's your chance. North Sense attaches to your ankle and gives you a sixth sense of direction. Small cell phone vibration motors softly alert the user which way is north. After extended use the brain will start to not feel the vibrations and the user will simply know which way is north. Magic? No! Just awesome science.









Dining Hall Alarm Clock - Fall 2014

For me, eggs benedict and cinnamon pancakes are worth getting up early for. However, I never remembered to check when they were being served and I didn't want to reset my alarm every night. Instead, I built a special alarm clock that scans the Notre Dame dining hall website and automatically adjusts itself to the menu. Waking up early to catch your favorite food has never been so easy!









SafeWalk - AT&T Hackathon - Summer 2014

Fitting the hackathon's theme of 'Public Safety', I recreated Notre Dame's Safe Walk program in app form. Designed as an app to connect you to a safe ride and other emergency services, Safe Walk is actually a collection of two apps, one for the user and one for the dispatcher.







LED POV Display - Spring 2014

What do you get when you give a team of freshmen engineers a materials budget and access to a full machine shop? You get a bluetooth LED persistence of vision display that connects to a MATLAB GUI and shows user defined messages. Spinning fast enought to appear a blur, seven LEDs can display a much larger image in a full 360 degrees.






Beacon - AT&T Hackathon - Fall 2013

Winner of the 1st annual AT&T hackathon, Beacon is the first iPhone app I ever made. Simply described as "snapchat for location", Beacon allows the user to find friends & family in large crowds.