Handouts--Phil 43806

Aquinas on God

Outline of Summa Theologiae 1 (Prima Pars)
Outline of Summa Theologiae 1-2 (Prima Secundae)
Outline of Summa Theologiae 2-2 (Secunda Secundae)
Outline of Summa Theologiae 3 (Tertia Pars)

Material to be read before course begins

Notes on Aristotle


Class Notes (to be added as course goes on)

ST1, q. 1:  The Nature and Extent of Sacred Doctrine

ST 1, qq. 14-26:  Treatise on God's Operation
(Via Affirmationis

ST1, qq. 2-13:  Treatise on God's Existence
and Nature (Via Remotionis)

ST 1, qq. 27-43:  Treatise on the Persons in God

Related material by instructor

Primer on Summa Contra Gentiles 1, chaps. 1-9

Whose Standards of Excellence? 
Secularity and the Mission of the University

Two Roles for Catholic Philosophers

Fides et Ratio: A 'Radical' Vision of Intellectual Inquiry

Ockham on Faith and Reason

 The Openness of God:  A Reply to William Hasker