Handouts--Phil 43150

Aquinas on Creation

Outline of Summa Theologiae 1 (Prima Pars)
Outline of Summa Theologiae 1-2 (Prima Secundae)
Outline of Summa Theologiae 2-2 (first 170 questions) (Secunda Secundae)
Outline of Summa Theologiae 3 (Tertia Pars)

Material to be read before the course begins

Notes on Aristotle (from Phil 30301)

Course Texts from St. Thomas, Summa Theologiae 1

Q. 1: The Nature and Extent of Sacred Doctrine  

God Q. 22: God's Providence Q. 25: God's Power

Creation in General
Q. 44:  The Procession of Creatures from God, and the First Cause of All Beings Q. 45: The Mode of the Emanation of Things from the First Principle
Q. 46:  The Beginning of Duration for Created Things
Q. 47:  The Diversity among Things in General
Q. 48:  The Distinction between Good and Evil
Q. 49:  The Cause of Evil  

Creation:  Corporeal Creatures Q. 65:  The Work of Creating Corporeal Creatures Q. 66:  The Order of Creation with respect to Division
Q. 67:  The Work of Division:  The First Day
Q. 68:  The Work of the Second Day Q. 69:  The Work of the Third Day Q. 70:  The Work of Adornment:  The Fourth Day Q. 71:  The Work of the Fifth Day
Q. 72:  The Work of the Sixth Day Q. 73:  The Seventh Day Q. 74:  All Seven Days in General   

Course Texts from Francisco Suarez, Metaphysical Disputations

Metaphysical Disputation 20 Section 1:  The Possibility of Creation Section 2:  The Power Required for Creation
Section 3:  The Possibility of an Instrument of Creation Section 4:  The Ontological Status of the Act of Creating Section 5:  Creation and Newness of Being

Secondary Readings on St. Thomas and Current Scientific Theories about Cosmic and Human Origins

William Carroll, "Creation, Evolution, and Thomas Aquinas"

William Carroll, "Aquinas and the Big Bang"
William Carroll, "Thomas Aquinas and Big Bang Cosmology"
Ernan McMullin, "Cosmic Purpose and the Contingency of Human Evolution"

William Craig, "

William Craig, "

Alvin Plantinga, "When Faith and Reason Clash:  Evolution and the Bible"

Ernan McMullin, "Plantinga's Defense of Special Creation"

Pope Pius XII, Humani Generis (1950), no. 36-37

  "Truth Cannot Contradict Truth," Address of Pope John Paul II
to the Pontifical Academy of the Sciences (1996)

Dark Matter (Wikipedia)

Big Bang (Wikipedia)
Evolution (Wikipedia)

Class Notes (to be added, we hope, as course goes on)

ST 1, q. 1:  The Nature and Extent of Sacred Doctrine

ST 1, q. 22:  God's Providence

ST 1, q. 25:  God's Power

ST 1, qq. 44-49:  Treatise on Creation in General

ST 1, qq. 65-74:  Treatise on Corporeal Creatures


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