Handouts--Phil 43151

Aquinas on Human Nature

Outline of Summa Theologiae 1 (Prima Pars)
Outline of Summa Theologiae 1-2 (Prima Secundae)
Outline of Summa Theologiae 2-2 (first 170 questions) (Secunda Secundae)
Outline of Summa Theologiae 3 (Tertia Pars)

Notes on Questions 75-89 and 93 (in progress and to be revised)

Material that is useful and/or required at the beginning of the course

Notes on Aristotle (from Phil 30301)

Thomas Aquinas, "On the Principles of Nature"
(translated by Gyula Klima)

Secondary Readings on St. Thomas and Current Scientific Theories Bearing on Philosophical Anthropology

William Carroll, "Creation, Evolution, and Thomas Aquinas"

Ernan McMullin, "Cosmic Purpose and the Contingency of Human Evolution"
Alvin Plantinga, "When Faith and Reason Clash:  Evolution and the Bible"
Ernan McMullin, "Plantinga's Defense of Special Creation"

"Truth Cannot Contradict Truth," Address of Pope John Paul II
to the Pontifical Academy of the Sciences (1996)

 Pope Pius XII, Humani Generis (1950), no. 36-37

Daniel De Haan, "Perception and the Vis Cogitativa:
A Thomistic Analysis of Aspectual, Actional, and Affectional Percepts"

Kenneth Kemp, "Science, Theology, and Monogenesis"

James Ross, "Immaterial Aspects of Thought"

James F. Ross:  "Together with the Body I Love"

Edward Feser, "Kripke, Ross, and Immaterial Aspects of Thought"

James Ross:  "The Fate of the Analysts:  Aristotle's Revenge"

Peter van Inwagen, "The Nature of Rational Beings: Dualism and Physicalism"

International Theological Commission:
Some Current Questions in Eschatology
December 1991 (Summary) 

Related papers by instructor

Oh, My Soul, There's Animals and Animals:  Some Thomistic Reflections on Contemporary Philosophy of Mind.

Two Roles for Catholic Philosophers

Medieval Aristotelianism and the Case against
Secondary Causation in Nature

God's General Concurrence with Secondary Causes:
Why Conservation is Not Enough
God's General Concurrence with Secondary Causes:
 Pitfalls and Prospects

The 'Openness' of  God:  A Reply to William Hasker