Class Handouts--Phil 43801


Assigned Readings
Supplemental Material
Papers by Philosophy Instructor


A.  Readings from Joseph Ratzinger/Benedict XVI

Encyclical, Deus Caritas Est  (2005)

Encyclical, Spe Salvi  (2007)
Regensberg Address (September 2006)


B.  Supplemental Material

International Theological Commission Document "On Certain Questions on Eschatology" (1991)

Creeds:  Nicene, Apostle's, Athanasian

"The Necessity for Revelation: A Primer on Summa Contra Gentles 1, chaps. 1-9"

Pope John Paul II: Fides et Ratio

Study notes and excerpts from Fides et Ratio

Litany of the Saints (from Wikipedia)
Dies Irae (from Wikipedia)

C.  Relevant Papers by the Philosophy Instructor (May put you to sleep--which can be either good or bad)

Ockham on Faith and Reason

Two Roles for Catholic Philosophers

Fides et Ratio: A 'Radical' Vision of Intellectual Inquiry

Missing the Message of Ex Corde Ecclesiae

Whose Standards of Excellence?  Secularity and the Mission of the University

Christian Faith as a Way of Life