Class Handouts--Phil 43811


Assigned Readings
Supplemental Material
Relevant Papers by Instructor


A.  Chesterton Readings

"Introductory Remarks on the Importance of Orthodoxy"
The first chapter of Heretics

"The Revival of Philosophy -- Why?"
"Who is this guy and why haven't I heard of him?" by Dale Alquist

A  Brief Biographical Note on Chesterton

What's Wrong With The World  Dedication

Poem about the University of Notre Dame  "The Arena"

What's Wrong With The World  Part II:  Imperialism

Fr. Brown Mystery "The Queer Feet"

What's Wrong With The World  Part III:  Feminism

"The Problem of St. Francis" -- The first chapter of St. Francis of Assisi

What's Wrong With The World  Part IV:  Education

"On Two Friars" --The first chapter of St. Thomas Aquinas


B.  Supplemental Material

David Hume, Inquiry Concerning Human Understanding, Section X: Miracles

Bertrand Russell, "A Free Man's Worship"

Bertrand Russell, "Why I am not a Christian"

Kenneth Kemp, "Science, Theology, and Monogenesis"

"The Necessity for Revelation: A Primer on Summa Contra Gentles 1, chaps. 1-9"

Notes on Chesterton's Orthodoxy

Christopher West, "The Theology of the Body" and "John Paul's Distinctive Contribution"

Janet Smith, "Pope Paul VI as prophet:  Have Humanae Vitae's bold predictions come true?"

Skeptical of the Skeptics, by Peter van Inwagen (Books and Culture, May-June, 1997)

Patrick F. Fagan and Robert Rector, "The Effects of Divorce on America"

A Brief Chronology of St. Thomas

Pope John Paul II: Fides et Ratio

Study notes and excerpts from Fides et Ratio

John Henry Newman, Oxford Sermons 7, 10, 11, and 13

Immanuel Kant: What is Enlightenment?

C.  Relevant Papers by Instructor (May put you to sleep--which can be either good or bad)

Ockham on Faith and Reason

Two Roles for Catholic Philosophers

Fides et Ratio: A 'Radical' Vision of Intellectual Inquiry

Good News, Your Soul Hasn't Died Quite Yet

Whose Standards of Excellence?  Secularity and the Mission of the University

Christian Faith as a Way of Life

One Way to Understand the Significance of Josemaría Escrivá

Missing the Message of Ex Corde Ecclesiae