Philosophy 43144
Third Paper -- Due December 11 (Last Class Day)

Papers will be 6-7 pages in length, double spaced and in an 11-point or 12-point proportional font.  

Your paper is directly on the guardianship of the angels over human beings (Summa Theologiae 1, q. 113) and the attacks against them by the devils (Summa Theologiae 1, q. 114).  However, in order to do a good job on this paper, you will have to pore over qq. 110 and 111 as well on the ways in which angels in general are able to act on corporeal things in general and on human beings in particular.  Here you need to exercise some imagination in determining the precise ways in which angels and demons might influence human behavior.  Remember that on St. Thomas's view, sentient cognition in human beings, including both 'external' sensing and 'internal' sensing (e.g., imagining, sensory remembering, etc.) is a corporeal operation, as is sentient affection (i.e., the passions).

Your task is to explain in a well-thought-out and coherent way the main conclusions that St. Thomas reaches on the following topics:  (a) the ways in which angels affect human cognition; (b) the ways in which angels affect human affection or desire; and (c) the nature of the sort of wonders or 'miracles' that angels are able to effect.  If you want to address one or two other problems, you are free to do so but not obliged to do so.  Just stay within the space limits.