Special Features

Among David's claims to fame -- the sort that he takes merciless kidding from his friends about -- is that in 2002 one of his articles was used by Tim Russert to trap then Sen. Tom Daschle on Meet the Press.  It was a thing of beauty, even though Russert didn't mention David by name.  Also -- don't tell my academic colleagues! -- during the 2004 presidential election campaign, a piece by David about John Kerry's 2002 plan for Iraq was read word-for-word by Rush Limbaugh (including many accurate pronunications of the name "David Freddoso") on his nationally syndicated radio show.

During this hot political season, David has made an appearance on C-Span's American Journal along with several appearances on CNN and a bevy of radio appearances on various talk shows, including those of William Bennett (Morning in America), Michael Graham (Boston), Drew Mariani (Relevant Radio, Chicago), Kirby Wilbur (Seattle), etc.

You can check out David's work for NRO here.  There is also a book in the offing