Alfred J. Freddoso
Professor Emeritus of Philosophy
John and Jean Oesterle Professor Emeritus of Thomistic Studies
University of Notre Dame

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St. Thomas Aquinas

William of Ockham

Durandus de Saint-Pourçain

Gabriel Biel

Luis de Molina

    • Disputation 25: "On God's concurrence with secondary causes with respect to each of their actions and effects"

    • Disputation 26: "Is God's general concurrence an action on the causes, so that they act after having first been moved, or an immediate action with the causes on their natural actions and effects?"

    • Disputation 28: "Other objections to our position on God's general concurrence are refuted"

    • Disputation 32: "The reason why it is not God but created free choice alone which is the cause of sin" (excerpt)

Francisco Suarez