Alan E. Lindsay

Associate Professor
Dept. of Applied & Computational Math & Statistics
University of Notre Dame
South Bend, IN, 46656, USA.

Office: Crowley Hall 201G
Ph: +1 (574) 631 3511

Research Interests.

  • Applied and Computational Math.
  • Stochastic Processes, Brownian Motion, Random Walks.
  • Concentration Phenomena (Blow-up, rupture), Interfacial dynamics and Singular Pertubation Problems.
  • Higher order PDES.
  • Numerical solution of PDEs.

My research uses computational and analytical techniques to study PDEs arising in modeling of physical and biological systems. These include Micro Electro Mechanical Systems, Mathematical Ecology, Imaging and Inverse Problems.

A copy of my CV ishere.

Singular Perturbations and Interface dynamics.

Concentration pheomenon in PDEs.

Inverse Problems and Strongly localized pertubations.

Current Teaching (Fall 2021).

  • Applied Math Methods (ACMS 20550)