Alan E. Lindsay

Associate Professor
Dept. of Applied & Computational Math & Statistics
University of Notre Dame
South Bend, IN, 46656, USA.

Office: Crowley Hall 201G
Ph: +1 (574) 631 3511


  • Sean D. Lawley, Alan E. Lindsay, Christopher E. Miles
    Receptor organization determines the limits of single-cell source location detection.
    Submitted PDF

  • Frederic Paquin-Lefebvre, Bin Xu, Kelsey L. DiPietro, Alan E. Lindsay, Alexandra Jilkine
    Pattern formation in a coupled membrane-bulk reaction-diffusion model for intracellular polarization and oscillations.
    Submitted PDF


  • Paul Rumbach, Alan E. Lindsay, David B. Go
    Turing patterns on a plasma-liquid interface
    Plasma Sources Sci. Technol. (2019) 28 105014 PDF

  • R. A. Fernandes, K. A Ganzinger, J. C. Tzou, P. Jonsson, S. F. Lee, M. Palayret, V. T. Chang, M. Da Cunha Santos, C. Macleod, A.E. Lindsay, O. Dushek, A. Tilevik, S. J. Davis, D. Klenerman.
    A cell-topography based mechanism for ligand discrimination by the T-cell receptor.
    PNAS, (2019) 116 (28) 14002-14010 Link

  • K.L. DiPietro, A.E. Lindsay
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  • K.L. DiPietro, R. D. Haynes, A.E. Lindsay, W. Huang, Y. Yu.
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    Journal of Computational Physics (2018), 375, pp. 763--782. PDF

  • A.J. Bernoff, A.E. Lindsay, D.D. Schmidt.
    Boundary homogenization and capture time distributions of semi-permeable membranes with periodic patterns of reactive sites.
    Multiscale Modeling and Simulation (2018) 16(3), pp. 1411--1447. PDF

  • A.E. Lindsay, B. Quaife, L. Wendelberger.
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    Advances in Computational Mathematics (2018), 44(4), pp. 1249--1273 PDF

  • A.E. Lindsay, A.J. Bernoff.
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  • K.L. DiPietro, A.E. Lindsay
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  • A.E. Lindsay, R.T. Spoonmore, J.C. Tzou.
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    Physical Review E. (2016) 94, 042418 PDF

  • A.E. Lindsay.
    Regularized Model of Post-Touchdown Configurations in Electrostatic MEMS: Bistability Analysis.
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