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Thursday, February 14, 2008

I thought our Hegel discussion went well.  It also seems to have helped that we were able to begin it the night before.  I will be delighted to host more Nanovic dinners!

Here's an issue.  Spring break is coming up in two weeks, and I am thinking about how to handle our mid-term paper assignments.  I could give you a paper topic next week (by when you will have done sufficient reading on some topics).  However, I suspect this could create an unwelcome burden for many of you, especially the undergraduates.  There are two other options.  I could give you the assignment at that time and give you two weeks (or something like that) to do it--though this could interfere with your break plans (e.g. reading Hegel's Phenomenology of Mind on the beach in Turks and Caicos.  Or I could simply give the assignment to you the week after break, and ask you to turn it in a week later.  I want to do what works best for all of you (undergraduates), so please let me know what you prefer immediately.

For the graduate students, I am willing to be equally flexible, although your assignment will be different.  As I mentioned, I would like you to begin writing your longer paper (instead of a total of two simple short papers).  What deadline do you prefer?  There will be an iron clad deadline for everything at the end of the course!  One piece of potentially good news for those of you who were wondering: Your paper is not meant to be a conventional research paper.  I do not want you to write a paper that is extraneous to the focuses of the course.  You may read other primary and secondary material that is relevant to our 8