Math 10850: Honors Calculus I, Fall 2020

Instructor: Professor Andrew Putman (
Time: MWF 11:40-12:30
Classroom: Online via Zoom
Grades: Recorded on Sakai.
TA: Nikolai Konovalov (
Tutorials: Th 4:05pm-4:55pm (Geddes Hall B34/36), Th 5:40pm-6:30pm (Hayes-Healy Center 127). You should register for one of these two mandatory tutorials.
Office hours, all on Zoom:
Mon 4-5 w/ TA
Tues 11-12 w/ TA
Wed 2-3 w/ Prof. Putman
Fri 12:30-1:30 w/ Prof. Putman

Syllabus: [pdf] [tex]

Textbook: The main textbook will be Calculus by Spivak, 4th edition. Some alternate sources that you might find enlightening are:
Honors Calculus Notes by David Galvin: [pdf]
Honors Calculus Notes by Liviu Nicolaescu: [pdf]
Honors Calculus Notes by Pete Clark: [pdf]
Calculus for Cranks by Nets Katz: [pdf]

Pre-Spivak Notes: [pdf] [tex]
Michael Hutchings's Notes on Proofs: [pdf]
Two nice expositions of the proof of the Cantor-Schroder-Bernstein Theorem: [AOPS] [wiki]