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We will cover material from the book;

Stewart Calculus 9e

In our class, we will use the online homework system Enhanced WebAssign (EWA). Instructions for registration for online homework are included in a handout which you have received via e-mail. Under the instructions for registration, you will find your class key. You can register any time on or after Tuesday Jan. 17. You will have a grace period of about 2 weeks to work on your homework and view the e-book. You may need(see below) to purchase an Enhanced WebAssign access code (see below) within that period in order to continue taking homework and have your work saved.

If you purchased a muti-semester EWA access code, a book with and access code attched at the bookstore or directly from the Cengage website, or if you purchased some version of Cengage Unlimited for calculus I last semester, you do not need to purchase anything this semester. When you log into the online homework, the system should recognise you if you use your login username and password from Calc 1. If the system is asking you to purchase the book before the grace period expires, please contact customer support.

If you need to make a purchase in order to access online homework, we recommend the Cengage unlimited option for one semester. This option (4 month subs.) offers an e-book, access to the book and homework for 3 semesters (up to the end of calculus III) and access to the precalculus materials.


  1. The Cengage Unlimited option(4 month subscription; approx. $125) allows access to all Cengage e-books and allows you keep 6 books in your digital locker, and webassign homework access+ e-book access for Stewart,(and Stewart et. al. precalculus materials) for up to a year after your subscription ends (in particular; you will have access to the book and online homework for Calculus III). You will also have the option of renting a hard copy of the book for the semester for approx $10. The access card is widely available for purchase. On the Cengage site, go to This Page.