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Book/Access Code Information

We will cover material from the book;

Stewart Calculus 8e

In our class, we will use the online homework system Enhanced WebAssign (EWA). Instructions for registration for online homework are given in Homework/Registration Information. Under the instructions for registration, you will find your class key. You can register any time on or after Tuesday Jan. 16. You will have a grace period of about 2 weeks to work on your homework and view the e-book. You will need to purchase an Enhanced WebAssign access code (see below) within that period in order to continue taking homework and have your work saved.

The book offered on the Cengage website and by the bookstore includes all material covered in Calculus I, II and III at Notre Dame along with multi-semester access to the homework.

Note: we do NOT use the early transcendentals version of Stewart.

Buying a hard copy of the book for this course is optional. You may prefer to use just an e-book, or an e-book and a used (old or new edition of the book). It is advisable to register for online homework (see below) to preview the e-book and attached media files before you make your decision on what to purchase.

When making your decision, you should take into consideration whether you will take Calculus III. If so you should purchase the EWA(online homework) access for multiple semesters, since we will use the same online homework system for Calculus III. As noted above, multi-semester online homework/e-book access comes with the book bundle offered by the bookstore and the book purchased via the Cengage direct link below.


Option for Purcahsing a Book/Access Code

You may purchase a hard copy of this book along with access to the e-book and online homework


you may purchase access to the online homework system and use the e-book that comes with it for reference.

You may choose ONE of the purchase options listed below:

  1. Hard Copy: Directly from the Cengage webasite:
    http://services.cengagebrain.com/course/site.html?id=2348359 $118.01 (Free Shipping).

  2. Hard Copy: Notre Dame Bookstore: http://www.bkstr.com/webapp/wcs/stores/servlet/StoreCatalogDisplay?langId=-1&catalogId=10001&storeId=10900 $187.75

  3. You may also purcahse an access code online through webassign after you register for online homework with any major credit card; Single term access for $94 or Multi-Term access for $125.

    You may register after January 16 and you have roughly two weeks to purchase and enter an access code before your account(and whatever homework you have completed to date) is erased.
  4. If you are not comfortable with just the e-book which comes with the access code in option 3, you can always purchase a secondhand copy of the book online. However, please be warned that access codes are non-transferrable and a second-hand book will not come with an access code. The content has not changed significantly from previous editions, so a prior edition of the book will supplement an online homework subscription and the e-book reasonably well.


Note: Note that an access code can only be used by the same user throughout its lifetime. It cannot be purchased secondhand. See the Webassign Access code info page for refund policies.