Grade Assignment

Final grades will be assigned according to the following system:

A total of 325 points will be distributed as follows:

Participation/Worksheets/Quizzes : 50/325 (15.4%),

Homework : 50/325 (15.4%),

Exams 1-4(Drop lowest): 50 pts. Ea. 150/325 (46.1%),

Final Exam: 75/325 (23.1%).


Exams: Four 50 minute exams will be given during the semester. The lowest of your grades for these four exams will be dropped. These exams will each have 5 multiple choice questions(6 points each)and two partial credit questions(10 points each).

The Final Exam will be comprehensive. It will have 7 multiple choice questions and 3 partial credit questions.

See Exams/Time/Date/Location for the exam schedule. See Old Exams For practice
for sample questions.

Tutorials: Each student must attend their assigned tutorial each week. Worksheets be administered in the tutorials. Grades will be based on attendance, participation and scores on worksheets.

Homework: Homework will be assigned electronically. For more details see Online Homework Information