Grade Assignment

Final grades will be assigned according to the following system:

A total of 600 points will be distributed as follows:

Participation/Worksheets/Quizzes : 100/600 (16.6%),

Homework : 50/600 (8.33%),

Exams 1-3 : 100 pts. Ea. 300/600 (16.6%),

Final Exam: 150/600 (25%).


Exams: Three 75 minute exams will be given during the semester, These exams will have multiple choice questions and some partial credit questions.

The Final Exam will be comprehensive. The final is all multiple choice.

See Exams/Time/Date/Location for the exam schedule. See Old Exams For practice
for sample exams.

Tutorials: Each student must attend their assigned tutorial each week. Worksheets and quizzes will be administered in the tutorials. Grades will be based on attendance, participation and scores on worksheets and quizzes.

Homework: Homework will be assigned electronically. For more details see Online Homework Information